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ScienceSoft Is a Specialist ServiceNow Partner With an Official Reseller Status

ServiceNow partners drive IT and non-IT businesses with ServiceNow solutions. With 14 years of experience in ServiceNow consulting and implementation, ScienceSoft helps companies adopt ServiceNow solutions and cover all ServiceNow platform-related needs.


ServiceNow Certified - ScienceSoft

  • Specialist ServiceNow partner based in McKinney, TX.
  • Official ServiceNow Reseller status.
  • 14 years of experience in ServiceNow consulting and implementation.
  • Proprietary 4-level ServiceNow implementation model.
  • 24 ServiceNow certificates in the team (including ServiceNow admins, implementation specialists and application developers) and over a dozen ServiceNow micro-certifications.
  • ITIL-certified experts in the team.

ServiceNow Products We Cover

What Our Customers Say

After looking through numerous candidates, we set our choice upon ScienceSoft and, over the course of our close cooperation, we haven’t regretted the decision. In terms of ServiceNow consulting and implementation, as well as automated testing services, they fulfilled our expectations and became very valuable for the projects.

Norbert Nagy, Co-Founder and CEO, GuideVision

ServiceNow Services We Provide

Being an approved ServiceNow Reseller, ScienceSoft offers one point of contact for all your ServiceNow needs, including implementation, integration and migration. You can find more details on our services below.

ServiceNow consulting

At any stage of your ServiceNow project, we can solve any ServiceNow-related issue you’re facing: from mapping your business needs to ServiceNow functionality to uncovering the reasons for low performance of your ServiceNow solution.

ServiceNow implementation

We can both implement your ServiceNow solution form scratch and enhance your existing ServiceNow functionality. Our implementation services can involve initial consulting, a pilot project, configuration and customization, integrations, data migration, user training, product launch and after-launch support.

ServiceNow support

To make sure that your running ServiceNow solution works like a clock and your users get their solution-related questions answered, we offer ServiceNow support services. This involves establishing multi-tier user support (L1-L4), monitoring your ServiceNow solution’s parameters and related troubleshooting.

ServiceNow managed services

ScienceSoft can become your ServiceNow managed service provider and let you enjoy your ServiceNow solution without having to deal with its technical issues. Understanding your business priorities, we can proactively improve system reliability and functionality, implement needed changes and provide on-demand consulting.

ServiceNow customization

Our ServiceNow customization and configuration services involve both changing ServiceNow settings code-free and performing code-based changes of various complexity.

Custom ServiceNow app development

If you are not ready to change your processes according to ServiceNow’s concepts, we can create custom ServiceNow applications and make the platform work according to your specific process needs.

ServiceNow testing

If you wish to outsource QA of your ServiceNow solution, ScienceSoft can join your team as a ServiceNow testing vendor. We offer both manual and automated testing and support various testing types: functionality, integration, performance, data quality, security, etc.

Examples of Our ServiceNow Projects

ServiceNow Implementation for a Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer

ServiceNow Implementation for a Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer

ServiceNow App Development for Supplier Performance Analysis and Visualization

ServiceNow App Development for Supplier Performance Analysis and Visualization

ITSM Mobile App Development with SolarWinds ServiceNow Integration

ITSM Mobile App Development with SolarWinds ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Active Directory Integration

ServiceNow Evolution and Support for a European Bank with 40,000+ Staff

ServiceNow Service Catalog Configuration for a Logistics Enterprise

ServiceNow Service Catalog Configuration for a Logistics Enterprise

ServiceNow Portal for Regulating Biomaterial Utilization

ServiceNow Portal Development for Biomaterial Usage Regulation

Our Approach

In-depth knowledge of the platform

In-depth knowledge of the platform. At the moment, ScienceSoft has a team of certified system administration, implementation and application development specialists who are ready to demonstrate their excellent knowledge of the platform and take on new ServiceNow challenges.

Willingness to learn

Willingness to learn even more. ScienceSoft is continuously expanding the team’s ServiceNow expertise by training new ServiceNow specialists and advancing our established employees’ knowledge of the platform even further.

Industry competencies

Professional self-sufficiency. There’s no need to worry about outsourcing parts of your project to other companies as we are capable of managing customization, implementation or any other complex projects on our own.

Professional self-sufficiency

Effective collaboration methods. At the same time, ScienceSoft is ready to establish effective collaboration with your in-house specialists and/or vendors, if your ServiceNow project requires their involvement.

Our Industry Focus

With 35 years of experience in IT, ScienceSoft has been able to study the needs of ample industries to share comprehensive industry expertise with our customers besides offering technical platform-related knowledge. Our key industry competencies are:

We Are Always Ready to Talk Business

Choose any service from the list above and drop us a line – ScienceSoft’s certified ServiceNow team can’t wait to help your org handle your ServiceNow-related issues.

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