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ServiceNow® Platform as a Change and Release Management System

ServiceNow Change and Release Management - ScienceSoft

ServiceNow-Powered Change and Release Management: the Gist

ServiceNow change and release management (part of ServiceNow ITSM functionality) facilitates authorizing and implementing changes to your IT infrastructure. The key capabilities include automated change approval, collaboration on change implementation, risk conflict detection.

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ServiceNow ITSM Features for Change Management

Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench

Easy scheduling and managing CAB meetings from a dedicated service portal, visual identifying of change conflicts due to the integrated change conflict calendar.

Configuration management database (CMDB)

CMDB provides accumulated and structured data about all IT components, visualization and reporting on configuration items, audit trail, and more.

Risk assessment and calculation

Built-in evaluation of change risks that is based on CMDB data and user feedback.

Risk conflict detection

Automated identifying conflicts – when changes are scheduled at the same time or impact the same or related configuration items.

Conflict scheduling

A consolidated view of available open windows, which facilitates change scheduling and helps avoid scheduling conflicts.

Change approval policy management

Automation of implementing frequently requested, low‑risk standard changes.

Management of concurrent changes

Facilitated management of concurrent changes due to an interactive timeline and calendar interface that displays planned changes, conflicts, blackouts, or maintenance schedules.

Change impact visualization

A map illustrating the potential impact of a proposed change on IT, business services, and configuration items.

DevOps integration

Change acceleration due to the integration of a DevOps pipeline with ServiceNow change management.

Change Management Opportunities You Get with ServiceNow ITSM

Facilitated scheduling of CAB meetings

Full visibility into change management

In-depth assessment of change risks

Daily evaluation of an IT team's success in handling change requests

Benefits of ServiceNow Change and Release Management

Increased productivity

Increased productivity of IT teams

Due to automated approval of low-risk changes and integration with other ServiceNow apps (e.g., ServiceNow DevOps).

Minimized risks

Minimized risks of business-affecting disruptions

Due to full visibility into current and future changes and their potential impact.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs of change

Due to minimizing change-related problems.

ServiceNow ITSM Packages and Prices

ServiceNow’s vast IT service management offering is divided into two packages: ITSM and ITSM Professional.


ITSM Professional

  • Change and Release Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Asset and Cost Management
  • Walk-Up Experience
  • Agent Workspace
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configuration Managements
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Service Level Management
  • Benchmarks
  • Surveys and Assessment

The ITSM package


  • Virtual Agent
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continual Improvement Management

Make Change and Release Management a Success!

Simplify introducing and handling changes in your IT infrastructure and processes with a robust ServiceNow change and release management solution.