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ServiceNow CSM helps cut customer support response time, increase first contact resolution rate, and more. Since 2010, ScienceSoft offers ServiceNow CSM services to improve companies’ interdepartmental collaboration on solving customer issues and increase CSAT and customer retention rate.

Don’t Rely on Words Only – See ServiceNow CSM in Action

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Features of ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Agent Workspace

supporting agents with an intuitive work console for managing cases faster and more efficiently.

Case Management

integrating issue resolution processes and providing response templates and knowledge base articles to help support agents solve cases faster.


supporting customers across multiple points of reach (email, web, phone, live chat, chatbot, social media) and enabling automated product / service monitoring.

Visual Workflow and Automation

automating processes within ServiceNow CSM with no-code rule-based workflows.


creating and supporting a self-service portal for customers to find answers and solutions on their own.

Knowledge Management

gathering customer support knowledge and sharing it among support agents and customers.


creating and supporting a peer-to-peer customer cooperation space; can be augmented with the elements of gamification.

CSM Mobile App

managing cases on the go.

Major Issue Management

spotting glitches with your products or services proactively, identifying customers affected by them and assisting them in remediating related repercussions.

Advanced Work Assignment

automatically assigning cases and work orders to agents or workers based on chosen criteria.

Customer Data Management

supporting agents with all the relevant information on customers involved in each case: their contacts, entitlements, products bought, assets used, etc.

Visual Task Assignment

providing support agents with a visual task tracking tool.


analyzing customers’ feedback using tunable customer service questionnaires.

Reports and Dashboards

tracking current customer service activities.

Proactive Customer Service Operations

following customers’ products and services to detect issues and solve them proactively.

Predictive Intelligence

using machine learning capabilities to analyze case descriptions, automatically categorize, route and prioritize cases and cut associated manual work.

Performance Analytics

gaining deep insights and predicting trends in the performance of your customer service department.

Virtual Agent

creating chatbots for your self-service customer portal to provide customers with assistance without involving a real support agent.

Customer Project Management

controlling the whole project life cycle and encouraging customers and agents to control project tasks.

Continual Improvement Management

introducing and tracking improvements across the company.

Opportunities You Get with ServiceNow Customer Service

Get full visibility into issues, solve them faster due to ML-powered suggestions, and encourage customer self-service via a knowledge base

Manage cases on the go using a mobile app

Support customers across phone, chat, email, web, and social media

Get valuable insights about service line performance to optimize service operations

Measure customer experience and expectations

Let your customers quickly report problems and get information they need with an AI-powered chatbot

Advanced Extensions of ServiceNow CSM

Advanced extensions are based on other ServiceNow products and are available with a separate license:

IT Operations Management

The Operations Management extension involves Event Management, Discovery and Operational Intelligence features of the ServiceNow ITOM product that let you monitor the health of services/products provided to your customers and proactively note and remedy deviances.

IT Service Management

The Service Management for Issue Resolution extension may involve such ServiceNow ITSM features as Problem Management, Request Management and Change Management. Using this extension, your support agents can effectively collaborate with other departments whose participation is required to solve customer cases.

IT Business Management

The Financial Modelling extension originally offered as part of the ServiceNow ITBM product allows monitoring the way your customer service department spends its budget and finding possibilities for reducing unnecessary expenses. While the Project and Portfolio Management extension lets you use ServiceNow CSM as fuel for driving changes in your company’s offering to better suit your customers’ needs.

Field Service Management

A collaboration space for work order initiators, approvers, dispatchers, and field service workers to efficiently manage on-site customer support visits as well as required inventory. You can also use the Planned Maintenance feature to manage not only urgent fix visits but also prearranged maintenance that needs to be carried out periodically.

Packages and Pricing of ServiceNow CSM



  • Agent Workspace
  • Case Management
  • Omni-Channel
  • Visual Workflow and Automation
  • Self-Service
  • Knowledge Management
  • Communities
  • Customer Service Management Mobile App
  • Major Issue Management
  • Advanced Work Assignment
  • Customer Data Management
  • Visual Task Assignment
  • Surveys
  • Reports and Dashboards


  • Service Management for Issue Resolution

The Standard package


  • Proactive Customer Service Operations*
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Virtual Agent
  • Customer Project Management**
  • Continual Improvement Management

Other ServiceNow CSM extensions (Field Service Management, IT Operations Management, Financial Modeling, and Project Portfolio Management) are licensed separately.

*IT Operations Management is needed for Proactive Customer Service Operations.

** Project Portfolio Management is needed for Customer Project Management.

Success Stories

The Gist of ServiceNow CSM Implementation


Make customer service your competitive advantage

By creating a reputable support center and enhancing brand trust.

Boost your customer support agents’ productivity

With visual task tracking tools, intuitive workspaces and automatic categorization, routing and prioritization of cases.

Increase your customer satisfaction and retention rates

By speeding up case resolution, providing customers with self-service opportunities and raising product/service awareness among them through communities.

Additional benefits of ServiceNow CSM:

If used with ITOM

Powering proactive customer service to solve issues before customers report or even know about them

If used with ITSM

Enjoying seamless cross-departmental collaboration to solve tricky customer cases faster

If used with ITBM

Cutting operational costs and adjusting your offering according to the feedback and needs of the customer

Implementation strategies:

  • Avoiding the complexities of redesigning and adopting new processes, ScienceSoft can keep your existing customer service practices in status-quo and customize ServiceNow CSM to support them.
  • Perceiving ServiceNow CSM as a source of best practices, we can change your customer service processes according to ServiceNow to avoid excessive customizations.
  • Having analyzed the efficiency of your current customer service processes, we can decide to tune them with your particular business specifics in mind and then customize ServiceNow to reflect the improved processes.



Requirements gathering


Configuration and customization


Solution rollout activities

Optional: ScienceSoft can run a pilot project before embarking on the full-scale solution implementation. This project can contain a minimum viable set of functionality to give you a real-life sneak peek of the future solution’s outcomes and whether they suit your needs and expectations.

ServiceNow CSM Services We Provide

Due to a high dependency of ServiceNow CSM on extensions powered by other ServiceNow products, implementing CSM requires experience with ServiceNow functionality outside of this product. ScienceSoft has expertise in all ServiceNow product lines – CSM, ITOM, ITSM, ITBM, SecOps, HR, etc. – and is a Premier-level ServiceNow partner, which makes us qualified to take up your ServiceNow CSM implementation project.

Ensure Efficient Customer Service with ServiceNow

Get all the benefits of ServiceNow CSM without the headache of its implementation – ScienceSoft’s team will take care of it for you.