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Heard lots of praise about ServiceNow ticketing? The time has come to see for yourself that all that praise was well-earned! Check out this demo to learn how an IT service agent can work an incident, handle a problem and prevent more incidents from disrupting the work of your employees!

ServiceNow Ticketing Functionality in More Detail

Use different channels for reporting incident or service requests

There are various ways to report a query depending on who reports:

  • Creating an incident or a request right in ServiceNow.
  • Reporting the inquiry via email, phone call, Service Portal.
  • Having incident tickets created automatically (based on the system logs).

Get tickets classified for convenience and efficiency of the IT staff

ServiceNow allows assigning the following categories to the tasks for the IT staff:

  • Incident – something that is unplanned and causes interruption to an IT service or reduces its quality.
  • Problem – a severe malfunction, a cause behind a number of incidents.
  • Request – something that users want to get from IT support or other involved departments.
  • Change – a proposal to add, modify, or remove something concerning IT services.

Link similar incidents to one problem

The IT support staff can consolidate incidents that have the same issue to one problem and focus on solving the problem instead of handling each ticket separately.

In ServiceNow, a problem can be created while an incident is being fixed or after the incident is solved. When you solve the problem ticket, the status of all the incident tickets is automatically set to Solved.

Quickly detect similar incidents

ServiceNow offers an agile search in the Known Error Database and Configuration Management Database, as well as automated tools like BSM Visualization to help the IT staff identify similar incidents.

How You Benefit from Efficient Ticketing with ServiceNow

  • Increased user satisfaction due to fast and accurate ticket resolution, traceable ticket resolution processes.
  • Reduced downtimes and associated revenue lost due to speeding up ticket resolution.
  • Cut IT costs due to increased support team efficiency.
  • Simplified monitoring and management of IT department productivity due to intuitive visual reporting functionality.

Ready to Leverage ServiceNow Ticketing?

ScienceSoft’s ServiceNow team is ready to help you plan ServiceNow solution tailored to your business needs or conduct full-cycle ServiceNow solution implementation.