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ServiceNow® Platform Support Services

ServiceNow support services - ScienceSoft

ServiceNow support services help maintain ServiceNow solution stability and ensure its high performance. Since 2010, ScienceSoft provides comprehensive ServiceNow support services to help you keep up ServiceNow efficiency and drive your digital transformation.

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Things to Know about ScienceSoft

ServiceNow Certified - ScienceSoft

  • Specialist ServiceNow partner.
  • 14 years of experience in ServiceNow implementation, support and consulting.
  • 24 ServiceNow certificates in the team dedicated to ServiceNow administration, implementation and application development.
  • Solution evolution as part of the advanced ServiceNow support service.
  • ITIL-certified experts in the team.
  • Proprietary 4-level ServiceNow implementation model.

Our Scope of ServiceNow Support Services

We offer a flexible list of service components and subcomponents for you to create your personalized service scope.

  • The Support component aims to achieve the stability and reliability of your ServiceNow solution.
  • The Evolution component helps to drive continuous digital transformation in your organization on the basis of ServiceNow.

Support component


  • User help desk. Providing Level 1-3 support with a possibility to include Level 4 support (dealing with ServiceNow representatives in case of platform-side problems).
  • System administration and performance monitoring. Managing access, users and data quality, configuring form fields and workflows and doing other small-scale system changes as well as continuously monitoring system performance data to detect and timely eliminate unfavorable trends.
  • Troubleshooting. Following ITIL-based incident, problem and change management practices to quickly handle issues with your ServiceNow and ensure high availability of your solution and its components.
  • Regular solution health checks and security audits. Performing scheduled diagnostics of your ServiceNow solution to single out and fix system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Evolution* component


  • ServiceNow functionality expansions. Performing major changes in your solution, including the development, testing and integration of custom ServiceNow applications.
  • Release migration. Updating your solution to newer versions of ServiceNow: for example, from the older London release to the newer New York release.
  • Implementation. Enhancing your solution with new ServiceNow products (ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, CRM, HR, etc.).
  • Integrations. Connecting your ServiceNow solution with other apps, products, systems and services in your ecosystem.

* Available in two modes: continuous & proactive and on-demand.

What Elements of Your ServiceNow Solution We Support

  • ServiceNow configurations and customizations.
  • Integrations, both internal (among ServiceNow products and applications) and external (with third-party systems and services).
  • Custom-made and purchased ServiceNow apps.
    • We can fully support your custom-made applications on our own or collaborate with your apps’ support vendors, if any.
    • If you use a ServiceNow Store application that is supported by its publisher, we communicate with the publisher in case of any app malfunctions. And if the publisher does not support the application, we provide full-scale application support independently.

Our ServiceNow Success Stories

How We Deliver Our ServiceNow Support Services

In the course of our cooperation, we relieve you from the need to micro-manage your support vendor and still provide a high level of work transparency and controllability by delivering our services according to this process: