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RPM Web Dashboard Powered by Wearable ECG Sensors

RPM Web Dashboard Powered by Wearable ECG Sensors

React.js, Node.js, AWS

About the Customer

The Customer is a US-based company providing remote patient monitoring solutions to 200+ healthcare organizations from 45+ countries worldwide. The Customer’s portfolio features various monitoring solutions and wearable medical devices, including cardiac and blood pressure monitors, temperature sensors, blood saturation sensors, and more.

The Need to Deliver a Convenient ECG Dashboard

One of the Customer’s most popular solutions is a hardware and software suite for remote cardiac monitoring, comprising a wearable ECG patch, a sensor control app, and proprietary ECG data analytics algorithms. To make the product more convenient for the end users, the Customer wanted to create a web dashboard for patients and doctors. The web dashboard was to present the analytics findings as visualized insights for further patient diagnostics and treatment.

While the Customer’s in-house team designed the dashboard requirements, it lacked the relevant web development skills and opted for outsourcing. The Customer sought a remote cardiac monitoring software development vendor with ISO 13485 and ISO 27001-certified quality and security management systems.

Developing an RPM Web Dashboard

With 18 years in healthcare IT, 12 years in IoT, and an ISO-certified quality management system, ScienceSoft was the right fit for the project. We carefully reviewed the Customer’s requirements and assembled a team of a project manager, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a QA engineer.

After a week-long introduction to the technical aspects of the Customer’s ECG suite, ScienceSoft’s team began working independently of the Customer’s team, using the Scrum methodology to develop the web dashboard.

Working in two-week iterations with weekly status and demo meetings with the Customer, ScienceSoft delivered the RPM web dashboard in 3 months. As a result, the updated ECG suite works as follows:

  • Wearable ECG patches send patient data to the mobile control app via the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol.
  • ECG data is transferred to the Customer’s data analytics solution and processed to identify arrhythmia (15+ types), tachycardia, bradycardia, ventricular fibrillation, heart rhythm pauses, and more.
  • The new RPM web dashboard communicates with the data analytics solution via the Customer’s proprietary API and displays the ECG results to the software users.

The web dashboard is designed for two user roles: a physician and a patient. The following functionality is available to both user roles:

  • The compound view of electrocardiograms as dynamic charts (for a set time period).
  • Selected view of color-coded cardiac events or abnormal parameters on the electrocardiogram chart.
  • Access to ECG annotations generated by the analytics solution or created by physicians.

Only physicians can access these features:

  • An RPM dashboard with a list of patient profiles.
  • Customization of cardiac monitoring parameters and thresholds (to adjust the solution to the specifics of cardiovascular conditions or patients’ needs).
  • Manual creation and editing of ECG annotations.
  • Notifications in case of abnormal ECG parameters (higher or lower than the set threshold parameters).

Although the Customer’s RPM software products and medical devices are FDA-cleared (according to 21 CFR Part 11), the delivered web dashboard was not subject to FDA submission. However, the Customer prioritized PHI security and required HIPAA and GDPR compliance for the project. To meet the Customer’s needs and achieve data security at each project step, ScienceSoft’s team followed all relevant HIPAA and GDPR requirements and provided clear and consistent project documentation for future compliance audits.

10x Cheaper Storage of ECG Data with Amazon S3

The Customer’s ECG sensors collected large amounts of patient health data — specifically, hours-long electrocardiograms from thousands of patients. Storing such data volumes in a standard cloud database led to substantial infrastructure costs.

To optimize the cloud fees, ScienceSoft’s team suggested using Amazon S3 cloud object storage instead of the cloud database. This approach proved to be convenient and cost-efficient: the Customer reduced the data storage expenses by 10 times.

Efficient RPM Web Dashboard Delivered in 3 Months

The Customer received a market-ready RPM web tool in just 3 months. ScienceSoft’s proactive and value-focused approach helped reduce the Customer’s data storage costs by 10 times. The new solution drives higher physician and patient satisfaction with the ECG suite.


Node.js, React.js, Amazon S3.

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