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*What is your industry?

*What describes your situation best?

*What services are you interested in?

*What purpose is your data integration solution going to serve? Please check all that apply.

*At what level of maturity is your current data integration solution?


E.g., Power BI, Informatica PowerCenter, Azure Data Factory, Oracle Integration Cloud, AWS Glue, Apache NiFi.

*What services are you looking for?

*What is the purpose of your data integration solution? Please check all that apply.

*What are your primary data sources?


E.g., Weather data, competitor prices, market data, social media posts.

*Please help us understand the complexity of your data. Check all that apply:

*What statement describes your situation best?

*Do you have any preferences for the environment?

*Do you have any tech stack limitations, incl. programming languages and cloud platforms?

*What is the approximate volume of data you are integrating?


If you don’t know the data size in TB, describe it as the number of data records: e.g., orders, payments, cases, customer interactions, sensor readings.

*What is the longest acceptable wait time for the changes in source data to be reflected in the target system?


Low-latency systems that offer near-real-time data processing are usually more costly to build and maintain.

*Are there any compliance requirements for your solution? Check all that apply.

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