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*What is your data volume?


If you don’t know the data size in TB, describe it as the number of data records: e.g., orders, payments, cases, customer interactions, sensor readings.

*What data volume growth do you expect during the next 12 months?

How many users will use the DWH?


The number of users and their nature help to estimate the read load on the DWH.

What is the share of users who will use your DWH daily?


Different user groups may have different use frequency. If you know these details, please provide them in the box below.

What data sources will your DWH leverage?

Will applications (other than BI) read data from your DWH?


E.g., decision support systems (DSS), customer analytics and marketing automation platforms, data mining and machine learning applications.

*Should your DWH offer complex analytics?



Sometimes simple reports like sales by products by months are enough. Sometimes data from a DWH is used for complex analytics, e.g., inventory optimization, root cause analysis or predictive maintenance. Complex analytics imposes specific requirements to a DWH hence its cloud platform.

*How promptly should changes in source data be reflected in the DWH?

*Are there any compliance requirements for your DWH? Check all that apply.

*Are you already using some cloud for other purposes?


Additional details may be useful.

*Do you already have a DWH you want to migrate data from?


If you have a legacy DWH, migration efforts can differ depending on the target DWH platforms. 


Please add anything additional you deem is important regarding the DWH.

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