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Andrey Plisko

I build, monitor, and optimize the enterprise-level software engineering processes at ScienceSoft.
Software Development Process Manager,

Andrey has been in IT since 1998, moving up the career ladder from a software developer to a team lead, QA and Project Manager, and Delivery Manager. At his managerial roles, Andrey was successfully leading up to 3 projects simultaneously with teams of 10 and more people.

With a solid background in software development and QA and a clear understanding of continuous process improvement, Andrey joined ScienceSoft as Process Manager in 2014. Andrey focuses on designing, supervising, and improving the enterprise-level software engineering processes at our company. Thanks to his input, ScienceSoft benefits from ISO-certified processes aligned with the industry’s work standards. As a result, we enriched the range of projects with new domains, including those with strict regulations such as healthcare and insurance.

Andrey helps process owners at ScienceSoft optimize their processes. Also, Andrey integrates the work processes of different departments to ensure they stay united and collaborate on the way to providing top-quality software development outsourcing services to our customers. Among his significant contributions is developing the presales process in ScienceSoft from early stages to maturity. With many departments engaged in this process to some extent, Andrey raised its efficiency by forming a team of experts to own and control the presales process. The team has later grown into a separate RFP Department.

Andrey shares the insights accumulated from his all-round experience in IT with readers of ScienceSoft’s blog.

Any process in software engineering works well only when it’s integrated solidly with other processes in the pipeline.

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