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Hospital App Demo

This is a simulation of a tablet hospital app for an attending physician. It shows how health professionals can overcome tiresome paper-based tasks and concentrate on what really matters – patient care.

Focusing on the most necessary features a physician may need in their work, we’ve created a hospital app demo that is intuitive and easy to interact with from the very first launch. Our purposeful choice of the horizontal layout helps to maximize convenience of navigation and minimize the probability of mis-taps.

Enjoy Transparency

You don’t have to learn how to communicate with the app: it already speaks your language. Along with being fluent in medical terminology and ICD-10, our app for doctors uses a predictable color scheme: blue – for neutral information, green – for good results, yellow – for some alarming signals, and red – for information requiring immediate attention.

Keep Yourself Informed

One of the most convenient features of our hospital app are notifications about new patients, lab results or any admitted patient’s alarming status change (low/high blood pressure, low/high temperature, etc.). By promptly getting these notifications, physicians are able to follow up on them ASAP.

Notifications with counter badges appear near their respective menu buttons as well as in the ‘last updates’ section. The latter can be a good way for a physician to start their working shift: as they scroll through the list of notifications, they acquaint themselves with the latest and most important information.

Stay on the Safe Side

We care about physicians not only by displaying their remaining work hours, but also by letting our hospital app demo share the workload. To avoid accidental errors (which can sometimes be made even by skilled professionals), you can rely on the app’s smart algorithms. As an example: the contents of all patients’ ‘Allergies’ section can be automatically blacklisted from the ‘Prescription’ menu.

Take a Break from Typing

Typing long chunks of text on a tablet may be exhausting, that’s why we offer a voice-input alternative. Just record a list of symptoms – and they’ll be attached to a patient’s card. Or, say a keyword of a diagnosis – and you’ll see a list of the most relevant ones offered by the database. After you choose the exact one you were looking for, the app will add an ICD-10 code to it.

Our app for doctors also allows you to reduce efforts on typing while working on prescriptions. It analyzes an established diagnosis and checks whether you created a prescription for it before. You can use this existing prescription as a template and personalize it for your patient.

Benefit from the Digital Data

Patient information is constantly changing and static format isn’t fully suitable for reflecting it. Unlike printouts and paper-based forms, digital data in our hospital app is easily updatable and allows consistently neat organization. Even if a patient was moved to different rooms many times, you’ll need a single glance to know the one they’re currently in and won’t have to search for the right room number among your outdated notes.

Besides, you can share the convenience of digital medical data with your patients. Along with printing the diagnosis and prescription out, you can e-mail it to your patient to make sure they always have a copy to refer to.

ScienceSoft can make this hospital app demo come alive and become a part of your hospital’s daily routine. Feel free to drop us a line and our healthcare business analysts will get back to you.

Interested in Hospital App Development?

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