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Dynamics 365 Customer Portal: Fostering Customer Self-Service with Power Apps

CRM Consultant, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: Andrew outlines key features of a Dynamics 365 customer portal and explains how it can improve customer service. If you are looking for a way to free your agents from tasks that your clients can solve on their own, or need other help with your Dynamics-based solution, consider our Dynamics consulting services.

There are two types of customer portals available in Dynamics 365, both are built using Power Apps and subject to user-based licensing. A customer portal built for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps exchange order-related information (order status, account information) between a company and its B2B clients. A customer self-service portal built for Dynamics 365 CRM enables customers to access self-help resources, submit service requests and track their progress, as well as share feedback. In this article, we will describe the key capabilities and benefits of a customer self-service portal.

Dynamics 365 customer portals

Major Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portal

Content management. You can have all the possibilities to create and manage content: an easy-to-use page builder, document co-authoring and co-editing features, and configurable content categorization.

Tailored design. Power Pages design studio offers preset styling options and themes to tailor a customer portal template to your brand and process specifics.

Knowledge base. Articles, FAQs, video tutorials and how-to guides for your products or services can be uploaded to a portal’s knowledge base to help customers find relevant answers.

Case management. If customers can’t find self-help resources, they can submit their service requests via a portal, view their progress and share feedback on how satisfied they are with the work of the customer support.

Forum. In an online forum, customers can talk to each other and industry experts, ask for advice, discuss company’s products or services.

Customer surveys and polls. You can gather first-hand customer feedback and craft your improvement strategy.

Role-based access. This is a security measure to give access to customer data to responsible people only (e.g., customer support agents).

Get Dynamics 365 Customer Portal to Keep Your Customers in the Loop

ScienceSoft will help you implement a user-friendly customer portal built with Power Apps to ensure 24/7 help for your customers.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portal

Easy-to-build solution. A no-code development approach helps building and launching a simple customer portal within days.

Customer engagement. The portal gives customers access to knowledge and support resources and encourages independent problem-solving with no need to involve your staff.

Transparency. Customers can view and track relevant information, such as the status of their case, to have a clear view of actions taken and progress made to resolve their issues.

Service workflow optimization. With fewer calls or service requests from customers, your employees can focus on tasks requiring their direct attention.

Customer feedback. Forums, ratings and comments help get feedback to better understand what customers like and dislike about your company, products, the service.

Security. With role-based access, you can be sure that the availability and confidentiality of your customer data are not compromised.

Engage Your Customers with a Dynamics 365 Customer Portal

With a Dynamics 365 customer self-service portal, you will improve overall customer experience by providing self-service tools and information, streamlining your service workflows, and personalizing communication with customers. If you need help to build a customer portal for your business, contact ScienceSoft. Our team skilled in Power Apps will work out a solution best-suited to your needs.

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