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Secure Crypto Payment APIs for the World's Leading Digital Entertainment Platform

Secure Crypto Payment APIs for the World's Leading Digital Entertainment Platform

Entertainment, Software products
Blockchain, MySQL, Python

About Our Customer

The Customer is a provider of an innovative digital entertainment platform. For the past decade, the company has held leadership in its niche and continuously upgraded its solutions to deliver a winning user experience.

The Customer’s Online Entertainment Software Didn’t Support Payments in Crypto

The Customer offers various payment options for its clients to pay software subscription fees and make in-app payments for entertainment activities. As crypto payments became increasingly popular worldwide, the company decided to introduce this payment option to improve customer satisfaction and attract new clients across the globe.

The Customer wanted to build custom crypto payment APIs to enable secure payments in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether on its digital entertainment platform. The company needed the crypto payment integration software to automatically direct payment flows to different crypto wallets.

Since the Customer’s in-house team lacked the relevant tech competencies, the company sought a trustworthy technology partner proficient in blockchain and crypto to handle the crypto payment API development.

Development of Custom APIs for Seamless Crypto Payments

ScienceSoft came along as a reliable vendor with 34 years of experience in custom software development and deep practical knowledge of decentralized finance (DeFi). In just two weeks, ScienceSoft provided the Customer with two senior Python developers and a QA engineer ready to dive into the project.

ScienceSoft’s experts started by exploring the Customer’s requirements for the crypto payment APIs and analyzing the high-level concept of the integration solution prepared by the company’s in-house talents. It took ScienceSoft’s team less than three weeks to deliver a detailed crypto integration architecture design and develop a proof of concept to ensure the viability of the proposed solution.

Upon getting the PoC approval from the Customer, ScienceSoft’s experts proceeded to develop crypto payment integrations. The team built custom APIs to connect the Customer’s online entertainment platform and crypto wallet to Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains for instant crypto payment processing. The team also enabled the automated routing of received crypto funds to the pre-specified crypto wallet accounts. Our quality assurance experts ran testing in parallel with the development to ensure all potential code vulnerabilities were fixed before the launch.

Since the Customer decided to handle crypto API deployment in-house, ScienceSoft’s team delivered comprehensive technical documentation for the source code, including detailed descriptions of how the final integration solution should work. It helped the Customer smoothly deploy the crypto payment functionality and establish effective maintenance of the new crypto APIs.

During the project, ScienceSoft’s experts maintained close and transparent collaboration with the stakeholders on the Customer’s side. The team conducted three refinement sessions per week to keep the Customer up to date on the project progress and provided reports on the accomplished tasks every two weeks. ScienceSoft’s team relied on our established Agile practices to speed up the development.

Rapid Integration of Crypto Payments to Boost Product Value

Within 8 months, the Customer obtained the ready-to-deploy source code and comprehensive technical documentation for its custom Litecoin and Bitcoin APIs. It helped the company introduce an innovative crypto payment option for its clients promptly and with minimal risks. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s expert assistance, the Customer powered its next-gen online entertainment platform with crypto payment capabilities and got the opportunity to drive high CSAT and attract new clients worldwide.

The Customer was completely satisfied with the project results. As of May 2023, the company continues cooperating with ScienceSoft’s team to develop Ether and ERC-20 token payment APIs and improve crypto payment security.

Techs and Tools

Development: Python, Django, Docker, MySQL, GitHub, Celery, FastAPI.

Testing: Zephyr, Postman, Putty, Jenkins, DbVisualiser.

Communication and reporting: Jira, Confluence, Slack.

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