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Choose the Right Big Data Database with Expert Help

There is no one-size-fits-all big data database. Please share your data nature, database usage, performance, and security requirements. ScienceSoft's big data experts will recommend a database that is best for your specific case.


*What is your industry?

*What data will be stored in your big data database?


Different big data databases are optimal for different types of data. This is the most important factor.

*What is the structure of your data?


Time series data is natural for sensor readings. Event data describes a variety of transactions and other events. Graphs reflect complex relationships between customers, social application or game users, industrial assets, knowledge items, etc.

*What would be the main functions of your big data database?


Highlight all important use cases. Use cases determine the way the read and write operations should be optimized.

*What is your current/expected data volume?


If you do not know your data size in TB, describe it as a number of data records, e.g., sensor readings, transactions, orders, payments, etc. in comments.

*What is expected data volume growth during the next 12 months?

*What are your data backup requirements?


Please leave a comment if you need a specific backup policy.

*Has your company been using any cloud services so far?


Additional details on cloud usage may be useful.

*Do you have any compliance requirements?


There is specificity in how different big data databases support compliance requirements.

Do you already have a database you want to migrate data from?

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Our team is on it!