Custom eLearning Software Development for Higher Human Capital ROI

Custom eLearning Software Development - ScienceSoft

The goal of eLearning development services is creating eLearning solutions like LMS, LCMS, LXP and eLearning portals that help companies reduce learning costs, increase learning efficiency and engagement.

Since 2015, ScienceSoft has been building eLearning solutions that ensure efficient digital transformation of corporate learning processes resulting in a human capital ROI increase.

Want to Improve the Coverage and Quality of Corporate Training?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to streamline your corporate learning with technology or modernize your current eLearning software.

Key features of eLearning Software

Learning content development and management

  • Multiple content types (e.g., text, images, video, audio, AR/VR).
  • Built-in content authoring (e.g., eLearning course development).
  • Learner-generated, third-party, and corporate content aggregation.
  • Reusable content and templates.
  • Content tagging and intelligent search.
  • Support of technical standards like SCORM, AICC, xAPI and LTI.
  • Compliance with corporate and industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA.

Learning process administration and delivery

  • Support of various types of learning (instructor-led online learning, blended learning, microlearning, self-paced learning, and more).
  • Automated enrollment to courses based on job roles, required skills, learning history, etc.
  • Learning event scheduling (e.g., trainings, workshops, exams)
  • Automated reminders and notifications (e.g., new courses, deadlines).
  • AI-driven personalized learning paths and content recommendations.
  • Performance assessment.
  • Online proctoring (e.g., tests, exams).
  • VR and AR simulators.

Social features

  • Learners’ profile pages.
  • Learning communities.
  • Discussion boards, chats and forums for learners.
  • Interactions with content via likes, shares, comments.
  • Gamification (scores, badges, leaderboards, levels, rewards).

Analytics and reporting

  • Learning history.
  • Learners’ feedback gathering.
  • Content usage, user activity, and performance assessment dashboards.
  • User regulatory compliance reporting.


  • ERP.
  • CRM.
  • HR software.
  • Content management systems.
  • Knowledge management systems.
  • Task management software.
  • Video conferencing software.
  • Social media.


  • 32 years in software development, data analytics, and AI.
  • 6 years in eLearning software development.
  • 25+ business analysts with 5-9 years of experience.
  • Expertise in 30 industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, retail.
  • Gold Microsoft Competencies: Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Cloud Platform.
  • AWS Select Tier partnership.


Fast solution delivery

Of a viable MVP (within 3-5 months) due to agile iterative development and applying CI/CD practices.


Due to applying proven third-party components and public APIs, using cloud-native architecture and continuous implementation costs optimization by ScienceSoft’s PMs.

Guaranteed software quality

Due to regular code reviews, integrated APM (application performance management), and unit testing.


Back end

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Front end

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Platform expertise

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Databases / data storages


Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi

Cloud databases (DBaaS)

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Amazon S3
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Relational Database Service
Amazon ElastiCache


Azure Data Lake
Azure Blob Storage
Azure SQL Database

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Datastore

Cloud services

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AI platforms

Amazon SageMaker
Azure Machine Learning

we know your industry

We develop eLearning solutions for various industries:



Professional services





Oil & Gas

Distance Learning System

Distance Learning System

The distance learning solution allowed automating all educational processes, including tests and exams, and facilitated online communication between the students and the academic staff.

Modernization of Math Training Applications for Children

Modernization of Math Training Applications for Children

Modernization of math training applications for children resulted in the apps’ improved performance and enhanced functionality. Database and cloud services optimization helped the Customer reduce maintenance costs by 4 times.

Learning Portal for a Social Care Services Provider

Learning Portal for a Social Care Services Provider

With such features as a training center and a personal development center, the portal streamlines employee learning and performance assessment and assists employees in performing everyday working activities.

Training Solution UX and UI Design Revamp and Cloud Migration

Training Solution UX and UI Design Revamp and Cloud Migration

The revamped solution boasts user-friendly UI and intuitive UX as well as fast and stable performance, which has increased user satisfaction. And due to the cloud data storage, the solution efficiently manages a growing user base.

Learning Portal for Construction Specialists

Learning Portal for Construction Specialists

The portal connects vocational and higher educational establishments, private training providers, enterprise internal training managers and individual learners from the construction industry. It provides easy access to information about training courses and certifications as well as streamlines tracking and administering the learning programs.

Language Learning Software and Text-to-Speech Travel Apps

Language Learning Software and Text-to-Speech Travel Apps

The solution consists of two text-to-speech travel apps for iOS and Android that received awards in the categories Best Education, Best Travel, and New Education Apps in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia and a language learning portal that serves for further practicing of conversational skills.

Training Software Modernization for Managed Services Providers

Training Software Modernization for Managed Services Providers

Revamp of the WordPress-based training solution, including its integration with the emailing and billing services and the Customer’s mobile apps, helped improve the solution’s performance, user account management, content display, user activity analytics, and more.


Custom eLearning development

  • Learning needs analysis.
  • Selection of a suitable type of an eLearning solution (LMS, LXP, eLearning portal), an optimal feature set
  • Selection of platform or a tech stack, and an implementation methodology.
  • End-to-end eLearning software development.
  • Quality assurance.
  • User training.
  • Post-implementation support and evolution.

Revamp of legacy learning software

  • Learning needs analysis.
  • Redesign of learning processes.
  • Suggesting new eLearning functionality (e.g., course publishing workflows, gamification).
  • Cloud migration of an eLearning solution, if required.
  • Implementing and testing new eLearning features.
  • Implementing UX and UI improvements to the eLearning solution.

Adding advanced functionality to your current eLearning solution

  • Defining learning processes to transform with innovative techs (AI, VR, AR, big data) and redesigning the learning processes accordingly.
  • A business case including costs, outcomes, ROI or NPV.
  • Implementation, integration and testing of new features.
  • User training and support.

Customization of an open-source eLearning platform

  • Eliciting eLearning requirements.
  • Advising on an optimal open-source platform.
  • Customizing an open-source eLearning platform. (e.g., to support complex content approval workflows, unique assessments).
  • eLearning solution testing.
  • User training and support.


  • MVP development: 3-5 months
  • MVP with an innovative component to increase learner engagement: 4-6 months
  • Creation of an eLearning module with basic features or automation of one learning management process (e.g., performance assessment): 1-3 months
  • Investment payback period: 0.1-0.9 years (due to high value from innovative tech)
  • Releases: every 2-6 weeks
  • Minor changes and hotfixes: several times a day


T&M with a cap

Used for midsize and big projects with unclear scope and agile development to react to the eLearning solution’s user feedback and changing requirements.


Used for small projects with a well-defined and stable scope. To reduce risks, the project can be divided into phases that are estimated separately.


With a professionally implemented eLearning solution, you can get the following benefits:

  • 120–430%

    Annual ROI of eLearning solutions due to an optimal feature value/cost ratio and use of innovative techs.

  • -20-50%

    Learning costs due to saving money on materials, equipment, dedicated staff and trainers.

  • 30–60%

    Employee productivity due to improved knowledge and skills, policy awareness and on-demand access to learning

  • +25-60%

    Knowledge retention due to diversity of eLearning content and higher learning impact.