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SCORM Compliant Learning Management System

Having experience in building custom LMS since 2015, ScienceSoft offers consultancy and implementation of tailored SCORM compliant learning management systems.

SCORM Compliant Learning Management System - ScienceSoft
SCORM Compliant Learning Management System - ScienceSoft

SCORM Compliant LMS: the Gist

SCORM compliant LMS is built in line with eLearning technical standards that govern packaging and delivery of eLearning content, tracking and storing eLearning data like test results, learning progress, total time spent on learning, and more. SCORM compliance enables LMS compatibility with other SCORM compliant eLearning software, which ensures reusability of eLearning content and helps reduce eLearning costs. SCORM LMS can integrate with LCMS and relevant enterprise systems (e.g., HRMS, ecommerce), and its cost ranges from $40,000 to $300,000.

SCORM Specifications

There are different versions of SCORM standards, and a learning management system can support one or several of them at a time. The choice depends on the SCORM version supported by third-party learning content for your LMS or authoring tools you use to create eLearning content as well as required LMS features. For example, SCORM 1.2 enables showing only completion statuses for progress (completed, incomplete) while SCORM 2004 provides both completion statuses and success statuses for test scores.

SCORM 2004 4th Edition, the latest version of SCORM, offers the following specification books:

Content aggregation model (CAM)

CAM specifies how to package learning content. Content packaging specification is described in a specific .XML file, including a course’s layout and file structure and allows LMS to import and launch all the course’s learning materials.

Run-time environment (RTE)

RTE is responsible for JavaScript-enabled data exchange between a learning management system and learning content. Due to the RTE specification, LMS can track learner interactions with eLearning content (e.g., course completion) and its results (e.g., a learner’s score in a quiz).

Sequencing and navigation (SN)

SN covers XML rules that define how a learner navigates through LMS content, for example, which activities they need to complete before going to the next step and how progress data is rolled up to the course level. Thus, SN helps set up a personalized learning path for each learner.

SCORM Compliant LMS: Key Features

Working a lot with learning management systems, ScienceSoft can shortlist the core functionality of SCORM compliant LMS.

SCORM-specific features

To enable work with SCORM compliant learning content, SCORM compliant LMS offers the following features:

  • Support of diverse SCORM compliant authoring tools (e.g., Adobe Captivate, Easygenerator).
  • Creating a SCORM package by instructors to share learning content with third-party SCORM compliant learning software.
  • Creating personalized learning paths by an instructor for a learner.
  • Progress bookmarking (a learner can continue the course from the last viewed page).
  • Tracking learners’ progress and course status (e.g., not started/in progress/completed or passed/failed).
  • Time tracking (e.g., session time, total time spent on learning).
  • Learning scores tracking (e.g., test and quiz scores, passing score for a course, score per learning module).
  • LMS usage statistics (e.g., which pages are viewed and for how long).

Learning content management

  • Support of multiple types of learning content (e.g., text, images, audio, video, AR/VR/MR).
  • Content embedding from external sources (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia).
  • Automated indexing and metadata creation for learning content.
  • Advanced search of learning content based on titles, metadata, and parts of learning content.
  • Filtering and ranking of search results.
  • Enterprise search (search across LMS and integrated systems).

eLearning process management

  • Assigning courses to individual learners or learner groups by a learning administrator or an instructor.
  • Automated enrollment of a learner in a relevant course based on their knowledge assessment, skills, training needs.
  • Learners' self-enrollment to courses.
  • Scheduling training sessions and other events (e.g., exams, workshops) by instructors and the L&D team.
  • Interactive video conferencing support to hold live classes.
  • Notifications to learners triggered by events (e.g., course completion) and changes in learning content (e.g., adding of a new course to LMS).
  • Automated reminders to learners about upcoming exams, deadlines for assignments, etc.
  • A mobile version of LMS for learning on the go and microtraining (learning in small chunks).

Learning assessment, analytics and reporting

  • Customizable forms for instructors to create tests and quizzes with diverse types of questions (multiple choice, yes/no, matching, etc.).
  • Customizable reports for learners, instructors, and learning administrators (e.g., course completion rate, time spent on training, learners’ satisfaction rate).
  • Scheduled reporting for learning administrators and instructors.

Certification management

  • Automated reminders about expiry of learners’ certifications to the L&D team and learners.
  • Tests to achieve certification of course completion.
  • Automated creation and delivery of electronic certificates to learners after they pass a test.

Competency management

  • A searchable database of learners’ competencies and skills for learning administration staff, HR teams, etc.
  • Tracking learners’ competency gaps for learning administration staff, HR teams, and managers.

Social features

  • Tools for learner-instructor and learner-learner communication and knowledge sharing (live chats, discussion boards, blogs, forums, etc.).
  • Learning content ranking and commenting for learners.
  • Polls and surveys to collect learners’ feedback on the learning process and measure their satisfaction.
  • Learners’ personal pages containing all learning-related information: skills, certificates, completed courses, scores, etc.

Gamification features

  • Achievement points.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Badges and rewards for completing training objectives, completing a course or passing an exam.
  • Mini-games simulating real-life scenarios.
  • Storytelling.
  • Interactive videos, etc.

Security and compliance management

  • Data encryption, access control, two-factor authentication, and other security features to protect learning records and materials (e.g., test results, teaching aids) from unauthorized viewing, modification, and deletion.
  • Support of government and industry-specific data security regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA).
  • Auditable reports on learners’ compliance with relevant standards (e.g., manufacturing staff needs to obtain certification on health and safety in manufacturing).

Reduce eLearning Costs with SCORM LMS!

ScienceSoft’s consultants are ready to advise you on creating tailored feature-rich LMS in line with the SCORM standards for you to leverage eLearning content diversity and reusability.

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Useful Integrations for SCORM Compliant LMS

ScienceSoft recommends integrating SCORM compliant LMS with relevant software to streamline eLearning delivery, selling proprietary SCORM courses, and improve learners' experience.

Useful integrations for SCORM compliant LMS

  • LCMS – to create SCORM compliant courses in LCMS and transfer them to a learning management system to arrange learning programs based on these courses.
  • HRMS – to enable automated enrollment of a learner in relevant training in LMS based on the changes in the HR system’s data (e.g., expired certification, new job responsibilities); automated updating of learning records in HR software based on the user’s learning history in SCORM LMS (e.g., passed assessments, completed courses, received certificates).
  • Ecommerce software – to facilitate selling proprietary SCORM courses.
  • Collaboration software – to schedule and conduct online instructor-led training in SCORM compliant LMS as well as facilitate collaborative learning and file sharing.

Factors That Determine SCORM LMS Success

With experience in custom LMS implementation since 2015, ScienceSoft's consultants have defined the key factors, which if covered, help get maximum value from SCORM compliant LMS. 

SCORM compliant authoring tools

(built-in or third-party) to enable the creation and deliver SCORM learning content.

Suitable SCORM version or versions for LMS

to avoid software compatibility issues, as there are several versions to consider (SCORM 1.1 and 1.2, 4 Editions of SCORM 2004).


to meet specific needs of learners, instructors and learning administration staff (e.g., navigation icons, menu display, personalized learning paths, custom reports).

SCORM Compliant LMS Costs and ROI

The cost to develop a SCORM compliant learning management system may vary from $40,000 to $300,000+, depending on covered functionality, chosen deployment option (cloud, on-premises, hybrid), and related IT services (e.g., data migration, app support, user training).


A SCORM compliant LMS with basic functionality for a midsize business.


An enterprise system offering multilingual support, AI-based learning analytics (e.g., skill gap analysis), and integrations with other systems.

LMS implementation can show the following economic impact

  • 0.1 - 0.9 years

    payback period

  • 120 – 430%

    annual ROI

Key financial outcomes

Reduced training costs due to the reusability of learning content, no additional costs for integrating third-party SCORM content as SCORM courses can run on any SCORM LMS.

Enhanced quality of courses due to getting valuable insights from SCORM-related data tracking (scores, learning progress, time spent, pages viewed, etc.).

Increased learning engagement due to the diversity of learning content that can be created using SCORM compliant authoring tools.

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Custom LMS is the winning option for you

As the next step, ScienceSoft can help you plan a custom SCORM-compliant LMS and estimate its cost and development timeframe.

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Custom LMS is the winning option for you

As the next step, ScienceSoft can help you plan a custom SCORM-compliant LMS and estimate its cost and development timeframe.

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Implementation of SCORM Compliant LMS with ScienceSoft

With 35 years in custom software development and 9 years in eLearning development, ScienceSoft knows how to deliver robust, tailored LMS that provides SCORM compliance. We offer you the following services:

SCORM compliant LMS consulting

  • Analyzing eLearning needs and selecting an optimal set of LMS features.
  • Defining the most suitable SCORM version or versions for your case.
  • Recommending valuable integrations for your SCORM compliant LMS.
  • Defining a tech stack and implementation methodology for the LMS solution.
  • Elaborating on user-friendly UX and UI design for your LMS solution.
  • Drawing a project plan for SCORM compliant LMS implementation.
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SCORM compliant LMS implementation

  • SCORM compliant LMS consulting.
  • LMS implementation project planning.
  • LMS architecture, UX and UI design.
  • Web and mobile LMS development.
  • LMS branding.
  • Integration with LCMS, HRIS, ecommerce software, and more.
  • Quality assurance and user training.
  • Continuous LMS support and evolution, if required.
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About ScienceSoft

About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a global IT consulting and software development company headquartered in McKinney, Texas. We advise our customers on the implementation of tailored LMS solutions in compliance with SCORM technical standards and offer full-cycle LMS services, including development, integration, QA, training and post-implementation support. Being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, we guarantee high-quality IT services and security of our customers’ data. If you are interested in SCORM compliant LMS, feel free to consider our LMS consulting offer.