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LMS Consulting Services

Since 2015, ScienceSoft provides consulting for LMS implementation and upgrade projects. We help elaborate a balanced feature set that caters to diverse learning needs and maximize the value from LMS adoption.

LMS Consulting - SCienceSoft
LMS Consulting - SCienceSoft

LMS consulting services can help you improve learning experience and engagement, increase user adoption and reduce learning costs. LMS consultants elicit LMS requirements, advise on choosing between a ready-made LMS or a custom LMS as well as define strategies for LMS implementation, customization, and integration. Also, they offer changes for your current LMS.


Need to Set Up Effective Learning Management?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to offer consulting support on LMS implementation, migration or customization.

Functionality You Can Get with a Robust LMS

Learning content management

  • Support of diverse content types (text, images, video, audio).
  • Authoring content using built-in or third-party tools.
  • Embedding content from external sites.
  • Advanced search and course catalog.
  • Automatic translation and localization.
  • Speech recognition for training communication skills, soft skills, and more.

Learning delivery

  • Online learning:
    • Asynchronous (self-paced learning).
    • Synchronous (real-time learning).
  • Blended learning (online learning and classroom learning combined).
  • Instructor-led learning.
  • Self-learning.
  • VR- and AR-enabled training.

Learning administration

  • AI-driven course recommendations.
  • Assigning and enrolling learners to training.
  • Scheduling training sessions.
  • Tracking training activities.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Personalized learning paths.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants.

Learning assessment and feedback

  • Tests and quizzes.
  • Polls and surveys.
  • Certification management.
  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Skill gap tracking and analysis.

Social learning

  • Integration with social media.
  • Forums and discussion boards.
  • Learning content ranking and commenting.
  • Peer feedback.
  • Mini-games simulating real-life scenarios.
  • Storytelling.
  • Interactive videos.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Reward points.
  • Badges.

Compliance management

  • Auditable compliance reports.
  • Diagnostic tools to identify compliance gaps.
  • Support of technical standards like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Experience API (xAPI), LTI.
  • Support of industry-specific compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR) by eLearning software.

Mobile learning

  • Microtraining (bite-sized learning).
  • Synchronization with the LMS back end.
  • Online and offline learning.


  • ERP.
  • CRM.
  • HR information systems.
  • Talent management systems.
  • Learning experience platforms.
  • Document management systems.
  • Content management systems.
  • Knowledge management systems.
  • Intranets, portals, and other collaboration tools.
  • Video conferencing software.
SharePoint LMS Demo

Learning Management System Demo

See how a learning management system can facilitate eLearning processes from course enrollment to learners' knowledge assessment.

Our Selected Projects on eLearning Software

What Our Customers Say

We’ve cooperated with ScienceSoft on two projects involving apps for the education industry. The second project covers a web and mobile app for distance learning. The app is used by pupils, teachers, and parents for tracking learning activities, assignments, grades, and more. ScienceSoft’s team has successfully extended the app’s functionality with new modules that were required by newly arisen user needs.

Star Star Star Star Star

The Kindertales rich product suite includes mobile applications for teachers to record milestones and videos to share with parents, and parents to stay connected with their children and keep informed. As projects fluctuate, Kindertales augments its technical talent with contractors. ScienceSoft joined the Kindertales team to help with a series of high profile projects. The caliber of talent ScienceSoft provided was excellent.

What Makes ScienceSoft a Reliable LMS Consultant

  • 35 years in IT.
  • Implementing IT solutions for eLearning since 2015.
  • 35 years in data analytics and AI and 10 years in big data.
  • 30+ business analysts with 5-9 years of experience.
  • Microsoft Partner since 2008.
  • 130+ satisfied clients who generously shared their success stories.
  • Expertise in 30+ industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI, retail.
  • Quality-first approach based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
  • Robust security management supported by an ISO 27001 certificate.

  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Benefits of ScienceSoft’s LMS Consulting Services

KPI-centered approach

We cooperate with customers to define target LMS KPIs (e.g., software TCO, project duration, user adoption rate, learner satisfaction) and build our consulting services around these targets.

Minimized financial risks

We develop a business case with a comparison of ROI and TCO of various LMS implementation options like custom and ready-made LMS. Thus, we help you make an informed decision about the most cost-effective option.

Minimized implementation risks

We offer you consultancy at each stage of an LMS implementation project to ensure your implementation will be a success.

Technologies We Apply

Choose Your Service Option

LMS implementation consulting

  • Providing a digital learning strategy.
  • Defining LMS tech requirements.
  • Creating a business case with costs, business outcomes, KPIs, ROI or NPV.
  • Choosing between a custom and a ready-made LMS.
  • Designing a project plan and a user adoption strategy.
  • LMS compliance consulting.

Participation in LMS implementation

  • LMS conceptualization.
  • Custom LMS development or implementing an off-the-shelf solution.
  • LMS integration with the required systems.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Delivering LMS training.
  • Continuous support and evolution of LMS (optional).

LMS migration consulting

  • Advising on a platform for LMS migration, including cloud LMS migration.
  • Creating a business case with costs, business outcomes, KPIs, ROI or NPV.
  • Creating a migration plan without disrupting business processes.
  • Adapting learning processes to the new digital environment.

LMS revamp consulting

  • Suggesting new features, modules or advanced technologies (e.g., AI, big data, VR, AR) for your LMS.
  • Creating a revamp plan.
  • Building UX and UI redesign mockups.
  • Adapting learning processes to the new functionality.
  • Providing LMS training.

Why You Should Go for LMS Consulting Right Now

Professional LMS consulting can help you safeguard your LMS implementation from failure, improve efficiency and user adoption of your current LMS solution, and leverage the following benefits:

  • -60%

    LMS implementation costs due to elaborated implementation strategy and design.

  • -40-60%

    Training time as compared to traditional training.

  • -20-50%

    Learning costs due to saving money on travel, materials, equipment, dedicated staff and trainers.

  • +20%

    Learner engagement due to interactive and immersive learning.