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By analyzing the data from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem in the cloud and delivering actionable insights, a smart factory solution can optimize manufacturing processes and improve equipment utilization. The smart factory demo by ScienceSoft walks you through the key functionality of the IIoT application.

Up Production Efficiency with IIoT

Developing software for manufacturing for 34 years, ScienceSoft is ready to equip your enterprise with a custom Industrial IoT solution that will enable:

  • Visibility into dispersed business locations – to track facilities’ effectiveness, production cycles, and departments’ performance.
  • Production analysis – to get insights into the number and quality of produced items, percentage of defected items (split by shifts, weeks, months, etc.), current productivity trends, downtimes, and their reasons (e.g., changeover, materials shortage, etc.).
  • Monitoring of equipment utilization, availability, performance, shop floor environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, noise level).
  • Control over the electricity, water and gas consumption per set period to optimize it and reduce operational costs.

Optimize Operations Enterprise-Wide

The integration of smart factory solution with business and industrial software (e.g., ERP, vendor portal, SCADA, HMI) allows your company to gain control of all operations, from raw materials’ purchasing to quality control and product delivery.

Besides the demonstrated functionality, our IIoT solutions can feature other modules depending on your business needs, for example:

  • Asset tracking – to view real-time asset location data (incl., the responsible worker, use history and asset state), avoid losses and reduce asset search time.
  • Employee monitoring – to ensure employee safety in the workplace, workforce allocation analytics resulting in optimal resource allocation, and reduce incidents due to health parameters monitoring (e.g., body temperature, heart rate, perspiration).
  • Supply chain management – to monitor the inbound and outbound deliveries, distribution of inventory items across the departments, the condition of goods in transit, and more.

Need to Implement an IIoT solution for Your Enterprise?

ScienceSoft’s expert team will help you bring your smart factory vision to life and will take the responsibility for the end-to-end solution development.