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Medical IoT facilitates monitoring patient health state and tracking medical staff and assets through the network of smart devices and sensors connected to the cloud. With 10 years in IoT, ScienceSoft provides reliable IoMT solutions to improve patient care, asset use, and staff productivity.

Leverage IoMT to Enable Cost-Effective Healthcare

Holding ISO 13485 certification, ScienceSoft is ready to help you establish cost-effective technology-enabled care and integrate IoMT innovations into your internal processes.

IoMT Solutions for Technology-enabled Care

In healthcare IT since 2005, we deliver solutions to make the healthcare environment more secure and convenient for patients and healthcare professionals.

Hospital asset tracking with IoT and RFID

  • Continuous monitoring of asset location and availability to prevent loss and theft.
  • Asset utilization management for optimized asset investments.
  • Automated asset management.

IoT for medical devices

  • Monitoring and assessment of patients’ vitals (e.g., pulse, blood pressure, glucose) in real time.
  • Continuous analysis of patients’ health data to improve disease treatment and management and enable better care decisions.
  • Alerting a nurse and a doctor in case of abnormal health parameters.

IoT-based patient and staff tracking

  • Patients’ and employees’ locations tracking in real time.
  • Patient flow assessment and prediction.
  • Doctors’ and nurses’ schedules and daily tasks optimization.
  • Patient and staff safety improvement.
  • Bottleneck identification in internal hospital processes.

Additional IoT-based components of a smart hospital

  • Smart rooms lighting using cloud-connected ward sensors (e.g., a light switch, door, and window contacts).
  • Climate control (e.g., to maintain a lower temperature in the empty wards), and more.

Cooperation Models


  • At the IoMT strategy planning stage: ​​​​​​we outline the capabilities of a future IoMT solution, advise on integrating it into your healthcare services, align it with IT and business strategies.
  • At the IoMT solution planning stage: we design a tailored IoMT solution with a flexible and scalable architecture to enable you to expand the IoMT solution with new features when required.


We develop, test, and implement IoMT solutions in agile iterations based on high-level or detailed requirements. The first solution version with a lean set of high-priority features can be available within 3-6 months.


We monitor the IoMT solution and its performance, detect and fix defects, conduct predictive maintenance, validate security, perform application administration, add new functionality, etc.

Benefits of Technology-enabled Care with IoT

New opportunities for chronic disease management and better care for outpatients with the help of remote patient monitoring and outcomes analytics.

Asset cost analysis and asset investment optimization using the data about how assets are used in a hospital.

Increased patient safety and satisfaction.

Lowered risk of medical equipment malfunctions due to predictive maintenance.

Reduced staff overloads due to automated routine tasks (e.g., patients’ health parameters measurement, medical asset disinfection).

For large health systems: better visibility from the headquarters into the state of remote facilities.

Tracking of movable assets and better visibility into medical asset utilization.

Competitive advantages of ScienceSoft’s IoMT solutions

Integration with the IT ecosystem

We seamlessly integrate IoMT solutions with the healthcare systems (e.g., EHR, EMR, HIS) to ensure effective communication between IT infrastructure elements and avoid data fragmentation.

Data and application security

To tackle information security challenges and protect sensitive information (e.g., patients’ health records) from misuse, we deliver HIPAA-compliant IoMT solutions. We are also ready to conduct a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of your IoMT solution to ensure the highest level of protection of sensitive data. Our information security management capabilities are backed by ISO 27001 certificate.

Fast software delivery and lowered investment risks

Despite the benefits of the medical Internet of Things, there is still the risk that substantial investments may not pay off as expected. We offer an iterative development to mitigate the risk: we work in short iterations, and you pay only for the performed work instead of spending a huge budget at the very beginning. We begin with an IoMT solution featuring basic functionality, so you can put it into practice and see the benefits. With every new iteration, we expand the solution’s functionality.


Cloud applications

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

As cloud functionality is an integral part of any IoT solution, we offer solution integration and maintenance on various cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our .NET and Java specialists provide:

Design and development of cloud applications.

Administration and maintenance of cloud infrastructure.

Microservices-based architectural approach: your MIoT solution gets split into smaller components, each with its server part. It contributes to quicker fixing of problems with no need to sto

Reactive architectural approach: higher responsiveness of your MIoT solution, better failure resistance (if one service breaks, there is another responsible component to partially or complet

Monitoring: sensors, RFID

As soon as the sensors and RFID hardware market abounds, we advise on the most suitable sensors, RFID tags and readers for your MIoT initiative. We help to define the needed number of hardware components that will work seamlessly with our software and the best way to locate them.

Data analytics

Medical IoT data is a priceless recourse of meaningful insights helping a healthcare organization to assess and enhance the services it provides, but this data needs efficient analytics. With 30 years in data analytics and over 6 years in big data consulting, ScienceSoft applies versatile technologies, including Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, DynamoDB, MLib, and more to help you get value from real-time and historical IoT healthcare data.

Mobile user applications

We deliver specialized applications for doctors, nurses, and patients to improve their communication and provide access to necessary information (such as asset availability and location for doctors and nurses and appointment schedules for patients). With 14 years in mobile consulting and development, we deliver native (Android, iOS) and cross-platform (Xamarin, React Native, Cordova/PhoneGap) mobile applications.

Selected Projects

Wondering Whether an IoMT Solution Will Pay Off?

Our healthcare IT consultants will estimate the feasibility of IoMT implementation that can decrease your operational expenses, improve patient care and increase medical staff performance.