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Oil Well Monitoring Application Development

Oil Well Monitoring Application Development

Oil & Gas
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Angular.js


The Customer is one of the leading providers of optimization software for the oil and gas industry.


The Customer’s desktop application that collected data on the state of rod pumping equipment was causing inconvenience through slow performance and an awkward UI. Therefore, they decided to replace it with a web-based application. A reliable custom software development company with hundreds of completed projects, ScienceSoft was chosen to address the Customer’s challenge.


The delivered web application works in the following way:

At the user’s request, the web application connects to the Customer’s server and uses HTTP requests and responses to get information about oil wells and the state of their equipment (e.g. rod or gearbox loading, alarms). The tree-structured data representation allows the user to easily find and access the needed information. To gain another point for user convenience, the delivered web application was designed to seamlessly fit a range of mobile screens.

ScienceSoft’s team also developed a service to convert XML data stored at the Customer’s server into the JSON format and enable a smooth information flow between the server and the front-end software.


The Customer received a convenient web application for quick access to data about the condition of rod pumping equipment at any time and from any device.

Technologies and Tools

HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), Angular 1.5, Angular Material, xml2json.js, JavaScript.

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