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Valerie Syrokvash

I perform UX-driven business analysis for software solutions across all industries.
Senior Business Analyst and UX Consultant,

After working as a business analyst in an independent UX consulting agency, Valerie came to ScienceSoft in 2016 with an ambition to participate in bigger projects. Among ScienceSoft’s latest solutions that she contributed to are a complex organ-scanning app for surgeons and a large ecommerce ecosystem that includes a mobile app, CRM, and data warehouse.

Valerie always welcomes the possibility to work with a new domain and quickly adapts to its specifics. She has already lent her business analysis expertise to more than 15 projects in multiple industries, such as healthcare, retail, insurance, and entertainment. In work, her primary objective is to investigate customers’ precise requirements and elicit real user needs – all in pursuit of creating a concept of software that would bring benefit to both the customer and end users.

Along with being an experienced business analyst, Valerie is a certified expert in User Experience (UX) design. To ensure that each solution she works on is efficient and user-friendly, she performs UX audits, conveys in-depth UX research, creates user personas and scenarios, as well as designs detailed user journey maps. Valerie enjoys sharing her knowledge with others as a frequent speaker at UX meetups as well as a UX trainer at ScienceSoft’s internal BA courses.

BA is my job, UX is my passion. By connecting them, I try to bring out the best in every project I work on.

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