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Android app testing specifics

Android app testing requires a specific approach. We describe it in our article.

Regression testing example

Quality regression testing examples are hard to find. We share a success story from our testing practice.

What is regression testing? Short overview

Wondering what is regression testing? We offer a short overview to help you be on the same page with your testing team.

Automated web application testing: PM’s guide

PMs often view automated web application testing as a cure-all solution. However, making it work requires more management efforts.

Mobile automated testing with Selenium: An overview

Being a well-known software testing framework for web apps, Selenium also powers several automated mobile app testing tools. The most popular are Appium and Selendroid. Let’s take a look at these tools to decide which one is better for you.

Optimizing regression testing in Agile development

Regression testing in Agile projects can take up much time and effort. Learn how to optimize it and cut your costs.

HIPAA compliance testing for hospital mobile apps

We look into peculiarities of HIPAA compliance testing for medical apps and uncover tricky challenges you may come across.

HIPAA compliance testing for web applications

Adopted in 1996, HIPAA protects personal health information (PHI) in health facilities. Any healthcare software product entering the U.S. market must comply with it. So how can software testing assure that a healthcare application complies with HIPAA? To find out the answer, let’s consider HIPAA compliance testing of a hospital web application.

Smart approach to healthcare software testing

For doctors and nurses, health software convenience means interoperability, user-friendly interface and the ability to use the application anytime and anywhere. Together with security concerns, these aspects of medical software convenience are main points of reference for medical software testing.

Quick and slick: Managing outsourced testing in an Agile project

A competent outsourced testing team can make a valuable contribution to the project and lessen its cost. The most important thing here is to stay mindful of the core of Agile methodology.