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A Practical Guide to the Software QA Process

We shed light on the quality assurance process stages, describe how to set up a software QA process from the ground up and further evolve it, and dwell on the specifics of QA and testing in Agile projects.

Types of Software Testing: 3 Classifications with Explanations and Practical Tips

We’ve classified types of software testing based on aims, automation and formalization levels, explained the essence of each, and provided practical tips on how to balance different types of testing.

Let’s Get SaaS Testing Started: Specifics, Scope, and Success Factors

Let’s consider major SaaS specifics, testing types they require, and options to facilitate testing of your SaaS solution.

Software Quality Management: What, Where, and How?

Let’s clear out what activities are within software quality management, what is your actual QM maturity level, and how you can level it up most efficiently.

Top Software Testing Trends to Watch For in 2020

We’ve summarized the latest trends in software testing risen due to new technologies and approaches to the development process organization.

Director’s Guide to Effective Ecommerce Testing

Comprehensive and timely ecommerce testing can mitigate a number of risks associated with the quality of an ecommerce solution. The article tells how an ecommerce director can keep the planning and execution stages of ecommerce testing under review.

CRM Testing: Detect Quality Issues and Improve Customer Relations

CRM testing can help you make your CRM popular with employees, handily manage prospects and customers, get accurate CRM analytics, and rule out data loss. Here’re the guidelines for organizing easy CRM testing.

An insight into the Testing Center of Excellence

Despite being prone to such drawbacks as bureaucracy and constrained inter-team communication, Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) may help you optimize QA processes, get more from test automation, enhance the overall testing quality. Here are some details on TCoE’s nature, its sticking points and benefits.

Software Testing Outsourcing Guide

Get a profound understanding of a successful process of software testing outsourcing. Here are 4 steps on your way to beneficial long-term cooperation.

How to cure QA maturity hindrances?

There is a range of factors that may block project teams from following a mature QA process. We look at these factors and the ways to fight them.