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Your itinerary to software testing outsourcing

Get a profound understanding of a successful process of software testing outsourcing. Here are 3 steps on your way to beneficial long-term cooperation.

QA maturity hindrances and how to cure them

There is a range of factors that may block project teams from following a mature QA process. We look at these factors and the ways to fight them.

Tools for testing blockchain applications

Agile practices and testing are imperative in Blockchain testing to minimize the number of defects in the app’s lifecycle. Let’s take a look at the Blockchain testing methods and testing tools that are available to developers.

How to choose a good QA consultant?

QA consultants are numerous, but how to choose a good one? We offer a structured three-step approach to guide your choice.

QA process maturity: Models and capabilities

QA process maturity helps minimize project issues. But how to set it up? We discuss the basic maturity models and offer some ideas for making a good choice.

Beauty meets the Beast: Bringing an ideal QA process to reality

Even an ideal QA process can stumble on real-life project challenges. We explore how to adjust QA process to reality.

QA vs. QC: Fighting the fog

Differences between QA and QC puzzle even industry professionals, including PMs and CIOs. Our new article tries to clear the fog around the terms.

No more crash and burn: how to ensure your app's stability?

App stability can be the number one cause of headache for all parties involved: users, the development team, the project manager, and, last but not least, — the top management and the shareholders. Ensuring your app’s uptime is considered one of the major priorities of any SaaS company. In this article, we cover some of the most important precautions that will help your business stay on track.

Mobile testing process: How to make it efficient

Setting up an efficient mobile testing process isn’t an easy task. Find out how to do it.

Integration testing examples

We discuss integration testing examples featuring component and system integration to present the full scope of this testing effort.