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How to (actually) manage customer experience: know your software

A professional perspective on customer experience management via CRM as a holistic platform, featuring the list of the must-have software functionality.

CRM and customer satisfaction surveys in B2B

CRM consultants give 4 reasons why you should manage your customer satisfaction surveys via a B2B CRM system as part of your CX policy.

A practical guide to CRM as a customer experience platform

A professional's guide that provides a conceptual overview of using a CRM beyond sales to manage and improve customer experience.

3 Reasons why B2B companies should go for website-CRM integration

Discover how website CRM integration can help your B2B enterprise to understand your customers better and increase engagement via content personalization.

Why caregivers need to marry EHR and healthcare CRM

We answer one of the sore questions of 2016 and explain how healthcare CRM can raise both patients’ quality of life and loyalty to your organization.

How to choose a CRM consultant?

It’s said and done – a CRM is coming to your organization. But now that you set out to find your CRM consultant, you are likely to face the challenge of bringing down all the cacophony of demands you have heard from your fellow stakeholders. Learn how to pick the right CRM consultant with these 5 unconventional criteria to apply if you want to get the CRM system everyone loves.

How to energize long cycle sales using CRM

We feed on our CRM maturity model and revisit the ideas behind its first 3 levels to come up with the approaches and must-have CRM elements to energize specifically long-cycle sales – the ones that take up to 3 years to occur. This is typical for selling highly technological solutions to public and private sector organizations in Defense, Aerospace, Transport, Oil & Gas, etc. So how can their vendors win it by using CRM tools?

Automated Lead Nurturing: Problem Identification

Almost three decades since the inception of CRM, and no one seems to question the importance of lead nurturing as part of customer relationship development. However, both marketers and sales reps still put lead nurturing software on trial, testing out its capabilities and giving it a fair share of professional skepticism. Now, with a little twist to this software functionality, we are going to show how to make automation the best friend of your marketing and sales department.

Benefits of CRM software for SMEs

In this post, we consider the benefits of adopting a fully functional CRM solution specifically for SMEs in the B2B sector. Find out how the technology can be aligned with a CRM strategy to acquire new customers, sell more to existing ones and assist with sales force expansion.

4 Levels of CRM maturity model

Up, up and up – our next infographic takes you on a journey through 4 maturity levels of B2B CRM, from simple customer bookkeeping to strategic relationship management, where we show the true potential of a strategic approach when aided with the CRM technology.