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Campaign Management Tools: Software to Improve Your Marketing Results

CRM Consultant, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: Andrew shares a list of the top 5 platforms for marketing campaign management and overviews their benefits and key features. And if you are interested in implementing fitting campaign management software, feel free to check ScienceSoft’s marketing automation services offering.

90% of companies say their marketing automation strategy has proved successful. It streamlines repetitive manual marketing processes (e.g., related to email and social marketing campaigns) and allows you to focus on strategic tasks. Marketing automation cuts marketing expenses by 12.2% and increases your sales productivity by 14.5%.

Campaign management software tools

Campaign management software: the essence

Campaign management involves designing, planning, targeting, monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing marketing campaigns. A campaign management system assists with automating a range of marketing tasks like campaign creation and tracking their performance across different channels. From my experience in marketing campaign automation, the main capabilities of campaign management software are the following:

  • 360° prospect view.
  • Prospect segmentation.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Omni-channel campaign management.
  • Campaign performance analytics.
Consider Automating Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Top 5 Campaign Management Software

#1 Dynamics 365 Marketing


Dynamics 365 Marketing enables creating targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns, including emails, events, landing pages, etc., and analyzing their performance.

Key features:

  • Customer segmentation – creating customer segments based on certain criteria (demographical, geographical data, etc.) to launch targeted campaigns.
  • Customer journey mapping – building automated, multi-channel customer journeys for a selected customer segment.
  • Multi-channel campaigns – using email, dynamic landing pages, social media, and other channels to win high-quality leads.
  • On-brand email templates – customizable email templates (an abandoned shopping cart reminder, a newsletter, etc.) for tailored email marketing campaigns.
  • LinkedIn integration – running a campaign by targeting a LinkedIn audience, automatically importing the promising leads into Dynamics 365.
  • Event campaign management – organizing events showing your products or services, providing your marketing team with the information on your event-planning activities (attendee registration, event broadcasting) and campaign results.

Limitations: Limited number of integrations with third-party services.

  • As a standalone app – $1,500 per user/month for 10,000 contacts.
  • As an add-on to your suite of Dynamics 365 apps – $750 per user/month for 10,000 contacts.

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#2 Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides features to create multi-channel targeted campaigns.

Key features:

  • Audience Studio – capturing data from various customer touchpoints (emails, live chats, etc.) for your marketing specialists to create customer journeys that will help increase campaign performance.
  • Journey Builder – developing targeted marketing campaigns by mapping customer journeys to different customer segments and engaging with them on time via emails, SMS, etc.; each step depends on how a customer responds to particular marketing activity.
  • Email Studio – creating responsive email campaigns using customer segmentation, customizable email templates, A/B testing, email analytics, etc.
  • Mobile Studio – building automated text message campaigns by creating personalized SMS, MMS, push notifications, and chat app messages.
  • Social Studio – promoting social media campaigns by designing and scheduling posts on trending topics. Analyzing customers’ feedback, tracking campaign insights to improve future campaign results.

Limitations: Separate pricing packages for marketing automation tools.


  • Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing suite starts at $400 per org/month for the Basic edition (billed annually).
  • Social Studio starts at $1,000 per org/month for the Basic Edition (billed annually).
  • Audience Studio starts at $18,000 per org/month for the Basic Edition (billed annually).

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#3 HubSpot


HubSpot offers tools to manage campaigns across multiple channels, target the necessary audience, and attract more prospects.

Key features:

  • Lead management – providing easy access to all prospect-related information and interactions, building lead segments, prioritizing leads based on their score, etc.
  • Email marketing management – creating and personalizing marketing emails in the drag-in-drop editor, running A/B tests to determine which message earns a better engagement rate.
  • Landing Page Builder – creating landing pages, analyzing the number of visits and conversions on a landing page.
  • Social media campaign management – creating and scheduling posts, enabling sharing of posts, tracking and monitoring social media engagement.
  • Video campaigns management – creating video campaigns by inserting videos into websites, social media posts, etc., inserting CTAs and forms in videos.

Limitations: Lack of customization capabilities.


  • Starter Edition starts at $50/month.
  • Professional Edition starts at $890/month.
  • Enterprise Edition starts at from $3,200/month.

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#4 Adobe Campaign


Adobe Campaign has features for creating personalized online and offline campaigns and evaluating your cross-channel campaign performance.

Key features:

  • 360° customer view – customer information from all previous campaigns across different marketing channels, including offline interactions.
  • Email marketing management – designing emails from scratch or using templates, creating multilingual email variations, using an AI-powered tool for predicting subject lines to attract your target audience, etc.
  • Mobile marketing management – delivering personalized push notifications, in-app messages (can include GIFs, emojis, etc.), SMS, sending mobile emails, allowing your marketers to preview the content.
  • Direct mail management – customizing direct mail templates (promo codes for birthdays, holidays, etc.), defining the audience, and sending the file to your direct mail provider, who will send it to the targeted audience.
  • Reports and dashboards – providing customizable report templates (campaign performance, campaign expenses, etc.) in the form of dashboards.


  • No free trial.
  • No possibility of on-premises implementation.

Pricing: contact the vendor to discuss your pricing plan.

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#5 Trumpia


Trumpia is SaaS-based text message marketing automation software that allows your marketers to create SMS and email marketing campaigns.

Key features:

  • Lead management – automatically sorting leads into separate distribution groups, updating lead profiles, assigning lead qualification scores based on their interests and behavior, etc.
  • Text messaging management – creating text messaging campaigns by composing SMS that can include images, videos, URLs with a possibility to track the number of people clicked on them, coupons, etc.
  • Email management – design an email from scratch or with the help of templates, sending it to prospect segments.


  • No mobile app.
  • No possibility of on-premises implementation.


  • Standard Edition – $195/month.
  • Professional Edition – $495/month.
  • Small Enterprise Edition – $995/month.
  • Medium Enterprise Edition – $1,885/month.
  • Large Enterprise Edition – $3,995/month.

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Win the battle of generating more leads and raising brand awareness

Properly chosen and implemented marketing campaign management software helps create and manage targeted marketing campaigns and optimize your marketing team’s efforts due to the automation of repetitive tasks. If you are interested in reaping these benefits and implementing a fitting campaign management solution, you are welcome to contact ScienceSoft’s experts.

As a marketing automation provider, ScienceSoft will help you optimize marketing processes with platform-based or custom marketing automation software.