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Salesforce Community Cloud Customization for a Financial Organization

Salesforce Community Cloud Customization for a Financial Organization

Financial Services


The Customer is a European organization that provides financial consulting services to help their clients minimize investment risks.


The Customer used a Salesforce Community Cloud-based solution to provide investors and manufacturers with a platform for collaboration and data sharing for streamlined deal-making. Unfortunately, the platform ceased to meet user needs in full as they wanted more personalized collaboration, which required new user roles. However, the Customer couldn’t satisfy those needs within their Community Cloud edition and didn’t have a budget for switching the edition. So, they looked for a reliable vendor to customize their existing Salesforce solution.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft as a reliable provider of Salesforce customization services. ScienceSoft’s team started with creating new custom user roles. To make them functional, custom sharing logic was created by modifying the default sharing model. This enabled data sharing between the newly created roles. Then, ScienceSoft’s team enabled setting up data viewing permissions for different user roles individually.

To make new user roles appear as native within the collaboration platform, ScienceSoft’s team introduced code changes. At this task, the team collaborated with the Customer’s in-house Salesforce developers working in different time zones. To ensure smooth cooperation and clear sharing of tasks, the work was structured in a way that each developer worked on the assigned code part, thus avoiding interference with the performance of other team members. When the developers finished their part of coding, code was automatically reviewed and merged, tested and deployed.


The Customer was able to deliver enhanced collaboration capabilities for users of their collaboration platform while remaining within the same Salesforce Community Cloud edition. As a result, they managed to boost client satisfaction and increase the ROI of their Community Cloud solution at the same time.

Technologies and Tools

Salesforce Community Cloud, APEX Code, JavaScript, Chart.js, Visualforce.

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