Blockchain Development Services

A blockchain development company with 34 years of experience in IT, ScienceSoft offers end-to-end blockchain application development services to introduce reliable blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Development Services - ScienceSoft
Blockchain Development Services - ScienceSoft

Blockchain development services help create decentralized software with full traceability and security of data and transactions. In IT since 1989, ScienceSoft can provide your company with expert advice and full-scale practical assistance on custom blockchain app development.

Secure and scalable decentralized ecosystems with minimized downtime:

  • Permission-based networks.
  • Permissionless networks.

Asset tokenization platforms

Decentralized platforms that allow users to create, manage and trade their asset-backed tokens:

Blockchain-based market platforms

Peer-to-peer platforms for transparent, fraud-free transactions between the parties: 

Protocols that guarantee the integrity of multi-party agreements and automatically enforce fixed obligations.

Crypto assets

Digital wallets for storing and transacting various types of crypto assets.


Encrypted peer-to-peer applications with no single point of failure and zero downtime.


Blockchain-based platforms for collaborative decision-making across communities with no central authority.

Cross-chain bridges

Decentralized solutions that enable compatibility of crypto assets across different blockchain platforms.

Build Your Own Blockchain Solution with ScienceSoft

We can provide a full scope of blockchain software development services – from blockchain development consulting to blockchain implementation, quality assurance, and support.

Blockchain consulting

We introduce a clear concept of your blockchain solution, compose an optimal tech stack, and provide expert advice on security and compliance. You also receive a detailed project roadmap for risk-free blockchain development.

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Blockchain development

We design and build blockchain software with your business goals in mind. Plus, we integrate blockchain with all required systems. You get a state-of-the-art, highly secure blockchain solution promptly and at the optimal cost.

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Explore Our Featured Blockchain Projects

Development of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Software

Development of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Software

  • 3 months to build an MVP comprising a distributed ledger, a consensus algorithm, and a smart contract.
  • A secure private network with flexible modular architecture built on the Hyperledger Fabric framework.
  • Web apps for manufacturers, distributors, and stores to access the blockchain network.

Customer’s benefit: Shorter time-to-market for the blockchain-based supply chain software product.

Crypto Wallet Integration with NEAR Protocol for CoolBitX

  • Introducing tech documentation on the operating capabilities of the NEAR network.
  • 8 weeks to create integration SDK that comprised NEAR network API, code libraries and compilers, and more.
  • Performing functional and integration testing.

Customer’s benefit: Fast and smooth integration, high product value for the end users.

Team Augmentation for Front-end Development of a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Team Augmentation for Front-end Development of a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

  • Cooperation start in 5 days.
  • 4 days for full knowledge transfer and analysis of the existing JavaScript code.
  • Modification of the blockchain app’s JavaScript code according to the Customer’s requirements and within the agreed time frame.

Customer’s benefit: Faster launch of a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet to facilitate bitcoin management.

Consulting on Crypto Wallet Development for a EU Fintech Startup

Consulting on Crypto Wallet Development for a EU Fintech Startup

  • Cooperation start in 10 days.
  • Suggesting an optimal approach to crypto wallet development.
  • Introducing a crypto wallet product concept, a technical requirements specification and a detailed implementation project plan.

Customer’s benefit: An opportunity to cut the development project cost x12+ times.

NFT Marketplace Consulting for a US Startup

NFT Marketplace Consulting for a US Startup

  • An optimal tech stack, feature set, architecture and infrastructure design for the NFT marketplace.
  • Suggesting value-adding features, such as NFT minting capabilities for non-technical users, multiple payment options, auction bidding for NFT.
  • NFT marketplace prototyping.

Customer's benefit: Confirmed business idea feasibility and a well-designed NFT marketplace concept.

Blockchain Use Cases ScienceSoft Supports

Blockchain software has already proven its viability for a range of use cases. If you are still not sure blockchain is the right technology for your business, ScienceSoft’s consultants can analyze the feasibility of blockchain use for your company-specific needs.

Secure and fast payment, lending, currency exchange transactions with no intermediary services. Reduced fraud, minimized delays, and zero lost agreement opportunities in trade finance and commodity trading due to the use of smart contracts.

Unchangeable, HIPAA-compliant recordkeeping, secure transfer of sensitive data between multiple healthcare providers for quick and accurate patient diagnosis and effective treatment. Safe and easy medical record sharing with patients.

Faster validation and execution of supplier contract obligations, transparent goods provenance tracing and monitoring, enhanced supply protection, and more for a streamlined supply chain cycle with reduced disruption risks.

Immutable asset records for various industries, from media and luxury retail to real estate and additive manufacturing. It helps provide proof of ownership and prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

Irrevocable credential data and a zero-knowledge proof encryption scheme to prevent unauthorized access to the company data, networks, apps or devices.

Document management

Safe document sharing, guaranteed legal compliance, easy record validation due to end-to-end traceability of document manipulations, from creation and editing to viewing and sharing.

Secure multi-seller access, immutable record of all marketplace transactions for improved order and payment traceability, faster and less costly payments.

Fast and accurate claim validation, assessment and payment, transparent resolution of claim disputes with reduced manual work to cut claim handling costs.

Electronic voting

Easy vote verification, secure vote storage and transparent vote counting for credible, incorruptible voting and improved voter engagement.

  • Since 2020 in enterprise blockchain development and cryptotech.
  • Proficiency in leading blockchain frameworks and networks: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Graphene, Substrate, Solana, Polkadot, NEAR, etc.
  • Solidity, Rust, Vyper, Golang, Java, Python, C++, JavaScript developers in the team.
  • Software development expertise in 30+ industries, including BFSI, retail, healthcare, manufacturing.
  • Since 2003 in cybersecurity to establish world-class security of custom blockchain solutions.
  • Hands-on experience in blockchain cryptography algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-2 (specifically SHA-256), SHA-3, MD5, Diffie-Hellmann, ECC, and more.
  • Compliance experts with 10+ years of experience to ensure that a blockchain solution meets case-specific legal standards.
  • Presented in the list of the Top 10% European Solidity (Ethereum) Development Companies by Aciety.

Perks of Our Custom Blockchain Development Services

Flexible cooperation models

– full blockchain development outsourcing, dedicated teams or team augmentation.

Fast blockchain development

– quick project start (1–2 weeks), frequent releases (every 2–3 weeks), MVP in 1–4 months.

High quality of the blockchain software

– due to access to the proven technology skills and multi-industry expertise of our developers.

Blockchain Development Steps

Blockchain software development process with ScienceSoft as a technology partner looks as follows:









For more information on the specifics and duration of each stage, please visit our detailed guide to blockchain software development.

Blockchain Software Development and Blockchain App Development – Feel the Difference

While both blockchain software development and blockchain application development involve creating a blockchain-based solution, the former is a much broader field and may cover the latter within the task scope.

Blockchain software development

Blockchain software development typically encompasses the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex blockchain-based systems that perform a wide variety of operations and may comprise dedicated processing engine and off-chain data storage.

Examples: a blockchain system for cross-border payments, blockchain-based food supply chain software.

Blockchain software development tends to be more effort-intensive; it requires the knowledge of multiple technology domains and involves specialized skills, such as blockchain architecture and infrastructure design.

Blockchain application development

Blockchain app development is a subset of blockchain software development that focuses on designing and building the applications for end users to perform specific tasks like tracking certain transactions and events, making requests or payments.

Examples: a crypto wallet, a blockchain app for insurance claim filing, a blockchain app for inventory control.

The main goal of a blockchain application development company is to create a winning app design that guarantees seamless user experience. Hence, such companies mostly focus on UX/UI design, usability testing, and front-end development.

Technologies & Tools We Use

Blockchain frameworks and networks

Blockchain cloud services

Smart contract programming languages

Smart contract development and testing frameworks

Front-end programming languages




21 years





ScienceSoft uses JavaScript’s versatile ecosystem of frameworks to create dynamic and interactive user experience in web and mobile apps.

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JavaScript frameworks

Angular JS


13 years



ScienceSoft leverages code reusability Angular is notable for to create large-scale apps. We chose Angular for a banking app with 3M+ users.

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React JS



ScienceSoft achieves 20–50% faster React development and 50–90% fewer front-end performance issues due to smart implementation of reusable components and strict adherence to coding best practices.

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ScienceSoft uses Meteor for rapid full-stack development of web, mobile and desktop apps.


By using a lightweight Vue framework, ScienceSoft creates high-performant apps with real-time rendering.


With Next.js, ScienceSoft creates SEO-friendly apps and achieves the fastest performance for apps with decoupled architecture.


When working with Ember.js, ScienceSoft creates reusable components to speed up development and avoid code redundancy.

Back-end programming languages



4 years

ScienceSoft's developers use Go to build robust cloud-native, microservices-based applications that leverage advanced techs — IoT, big data, AI, ML, blockchain.

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34 years



ScienceSoft's C++ developers created the desktop version of Viber and an award-winning imaging application for a global leader in image processing.

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25 years





ScienceSoft's Java developers build secure, resilient and efficient cloud-native and cloud-only software of any complexity and successfully modernize legacy software solutions.

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Microsoft .NET


19 years





Our .NET developers can build sustainable and high-performing apps up to 2x faster due to outstanding .NET proficiency and high productivity.

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10 years





ScienceSoft's Python developers and data scientists excel at building general-purpose Python apps, big data and IoT platforms, AI and ML-based apps, and BI solutions.

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10 years



ScienceSoft delivers cloud-native, real-time web and mobile apps, web servers, and custom APIs ~1.5–2x faster than other software developers.

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16 years





ScienceSoft's PHP developers helped to build Viber. Their recent projects: an IoT fleet management solution used by 2,000+ corporate clients and an award-winning remote patient monitoring solution.

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Driving ROI with advanced techs

See how we help increase the value of your blockchain solution.

Advanced Techs to Integrate with Blockchain

When combined with the latest technologies used for data aggregation, interpretation, and analysis, blockchain offers high integrity, full traceability, enhanced security of data and data-associated transactions and events.

Our blockchain software development company can power your blockchain solution with the following advanced techs:

Automated aggregation, an immutable record, and secure sharing of unstructured and semi-structured IoT big data.

AI-based security techs

Instant detection of inaccurate data and suspicious transactions and preventing their upload into the blockchain.

High quality of analytical results due to ML model training using the reliable and incorruptible data stored in the blockchain.

Designing for growth

Explore a sample blockchain architecture we rely on.

A Sample Blockchain Architecture

ScienceSoft understands how confusing and counterintuitive the blockchain concept may look at first glance even for the tech-savvy persons. However, when explored from the course of traditional architectural patterns, blockchain appears not that complicated. To help you get a general idea on how blockchain functions, we share a sample blockchain architecture our blockchain developers rely on. In our projects, we employ a multi-layer blockchain architecture to ensure high scalability and facilitate evolution of blockchain software.

Sample architecture of a blockchain solution - ScienceSoft

  • Presentation layer enables user interaction with the blockchain network via web and/or mobile applications.
  • Application layer (business logic) provides instructions for transactions defining, invoking and execution.
  • Distributed computing layer enables transaction e-signing, validation, execution and recording, comprises data block hashing and auto-updates across nodes’ copies of the shared ledger.
  • Platform layer ensures communication between blockchain and other applications and blockchain-to-blockchain interoperability.
  • Infrastructure layer defines the type of network utilized by the blockchain, participating nodes, virtual and physical storage for the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Software Development Costs

Blockchain software development may cost $30K–$2M+, depending on the type of blockchain solution to build, requirements for its functional and non-functional capabilities, and the chosen software design patterns.

Below, we provide the approximate cost estimations based on ScienceSoft's experience in blockchain development services.


A basic dApp that comprises role-specific user interfaces and smart contracts.

Around $150,000

A blockchain-based marketplace of average complexity.


A full-featured blockchain that comprises a private network and smart contracts.

Blockchain Development FAQs

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Leverage Effective Blockchain Solutions

ScienceSoft is ready to provide blockchain app development services to deliver reliable blockchain solutions which allow for enhanced traceability, security and faster processing of data and transactions.