Outsourced NOC Services: Preventive Monitoring and Prompt Incident Resolution

Outsourced NOC Services - ScienceSoft

Outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) services, also known as managed NOC services, are aimed at monitoring your IT infrastructure to prevent and fix faults in its components. NOC as a service by ScienceSoft includes 24/7 preventive infrastructure monitoring and L2, L3 tech support to anticipate and promptly solve problems with your IT infrastructure.

IT Systems Monitoring and Support Takes Too Much Effort?
ScienceSoft’s NOC team sets up automated network health monitoring and incident resolution workflows to ensure high network performance and availability and lower IT support costs.

Why Choose ScienceSoft

  • 31 years of IT experience.
  • 12 years of experience in ITIL-compliant IT service management.
  • Microsoft Partner holding 8 Gold Microsoft Competencies.
  • AWS Select-tier Consulting Partner.
  • Experience in 23 industries, including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc.

Network Components We Cover with NOC Services

Network components we cover with NOC services

Competitive Traits of ScienceSoft’s NOC Services

Guaranteed incident resolution

Opting for our outsourced NOC support, you get NOC monitoring services and a self-sustained L2-L3 incident resolution pipeline with established escalation workflows.

Quick integration phase

ScienceSoft quickly dives into your IT workflows and utilizes proven ITSM practices highly adaptable to customer’s processes. Besides, our deep technical roots contribute to the efficient collaboration with your or third-party IT teams.

Our Selected IT Support Projects

Our NOC Services

NOC set-up

We design and establish efficient NOC workflows:

  • Monitoring tools set-up.
  • NOC team interaction procedures.
  • Establishing NOC procedures and policies.

NOC monitoring

We carry out 24x7 NOC monitoring of:

  • Hardware performance (CPU, RAM, HDDs).
  • Health of IT systems and services.
  • State of web resources.
  • Expiration of network certificates.
  • Logged events.
  • Health of cloud resources.

NOC support

We provide:

  • Remote L2 and L3 troubleshooting of detected/reported incidents
  • Incident reports with advanced root cause analysis.
Grab Your Tailored NOC Right Now!
Get all or only fitting NOC services by ScienceSoft for high network stability and reduced IT support costs.

Why You Need NOC Outsourcing ASAP

  • 50-200%
    faster issue and root cause detection
  • 3-5x
    fewer help requests from users
  • 20-40%
    increased user satisfaction
  • 1.5-2x
    issue detection accuracy
  • Interested In Benefits of Self-Sustained NOC?
    ScienceSoft’s team will establish and run NOC to help your reach the highest KPIs within a flexible pricing model.