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Outsourced NOC Services for Monitoring and Support

Monitoring and support

Outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) services is full and continuous outsourcing of infrastructure management that guarantees stable IT operations and optimal support cost. ScienceSoft’s managed NOC services include 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and L2, L3 tech support to efficiently handle your IT infrastructure issues.

Outsourced NOC Services - ScienceSoft
Outsourced NOC Services - ScienceSoft

About ScienceSoft

  • 35 years of IT experience.
  • 16years of experience in ITIL-compliant IT service management.
  • Microsoft PartnerAWS Select Tier Services Partner.
  • Experience in 30 industries, including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc.
  • Ability to bring value to every project, as proved by the prestigious Global Outsourcing 100 listing.
  • Established ISO 9001-confirmed quality management system based on quality-dedicated people and mature processes at the company and project levels.
  • Guaranteed safety of the customers’ data we access proved by ISO 27001-certified fault-proof security management system.
  • All time zones coverage: from GMT -9 in North America to GMT +13 in New Zealand.

Network Components We Cover with NOC Services

ScienceSoft’s NOC teams know how to expertly manage all infrastructure components, including networks, servers, workstations, virtual machines, databases, and cloud services.

Network components we cover with NOC services

Our NOC Services

NOC set-up

We design and establish efficient NOC workflows:

  • Monitoring tools set-up.
  • NOC team interaction procedures.
  • Establishing NOC procedures and policies.

NOC monitoring

We offer outsourced NOC monitoring of:

  • Hardware performance (CPU, RAM, HDDs).
  • Health of IT systems and services.
  • State of web resources.
  • Expiration of network certificates.
  • Logged events.
  • Health of cloud resources.

NOC support

We provide:

  • Remote L2 and L3 troubleshooting of detected/reported incidents
  • Incident reports with advanced root cause analysis.

Our IT Support Projects

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Green Flags of a Good Outsourced NOC Services Provider

Flexibility in service delivery

Your needs may vary. So, you expect a vendor to scale up and down on demand to handle the required scope of work and not charge you for idle time.

ScienceSoft has monthly ticket packages and offers a per-ticket fee for additional tickets. The service cost will depend strictly on the actual workload.

Guaranteed incident resolution

You want to keep your daily operations running smoothly. When a tech incident occurs, you naturally expect to have it fixed fast.

ScienceSoft has a well-established escalation workflow, so pressing issues don’t get stuck and reach our most senior and experienced engineers quickly.

Responsible approach to onboarding

Delegating the responsibility for your infrastructure to a vendor and skipping the onboarding process is super quick but risky. Superficial knowledge of your infrastructure and processes may result in longer resolution times.

ScienceSoft always offers to conduct knowledge transfer and takes time to know the software we will be working with. In cases like this, we prefer being just quick rather than super quick.

Service transparency

Outsourcing does not mean you are out of control. You naturally want to know how the work is going.

To keep the service transparent, ScienceSoft provides regular service level reports and on-request incident reports with root cause analysis.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Thinking Between In-House and Outsourced NOC?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve described what steps you will need to take to set up NOC in-house or outsource it.

In-house NOC Outsourced NOC
In-house NOC
  • Assemble a NOC team. The team size depends on the scope of your infrastructure and the competencies needed to support it.
  • Set up service desk software and infrastructure monitoring tools.
  • Design NOC processes: incident detection, management, escalation, reporting.
  • Create documentation (policies, standard operating procedures, templates, etc.).
  • Prepare plan B for cases when your NOC team members are unavailable.
Outsourced NOC
  • Outline your needs or the expected service scope and examine vendor proposals (covered activities, costs, time coverage).
  • Select the vendor.
  • Negotiate and sign an SLA that specifies service KPIs.
  • Agree on communication and reporting schedules.
  • Transfer the knowledge about your infrastructure.

IT Director at ScienceSoft

Don’t take it the way that you must decide strictly between full outsourcing and fully in-house NOC. You can easily combine! Assuming that you have an IT support team that handles daily monitoring and minor fixes, you can outsource L2–L3 incident resolution. I can say from the experience of ScienceSoft that infrastructure co-management works well if the duties are clearly defined and incident response and escalation workflows are designed.

Benefits of NOC Outsourcing

  • 50-200%

    faster issue and root cause detection

  • 3-5x

    fewer help requests from users

  • 20-40%

    increased user satisfaction

  • 1.5-2x

    issue detection accuracy

Interested In 24x7 Outsourced Network Monitoring?

ScienceSoft’s team will establish and run NOC to help your reach the highest KPIs within a flexible pricing model.