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Tier 1 Help Desk for HVG Systems’ Clients

Tier 1 Help Desk for HVG Systems’ Clients

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For over a year now, ScienceSoft has been providing user support for the clients of a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) firm that delivers all-inclusive IT management, maintenance, and support services to businesses across the US. With optimized workload shouldered by ScienceSoft, the Customer’s in-house team successfully manages the growing demand for its services.

About HVG Systems

The Customer is HVG Systems, an MSP delivering IT services to 150+ organizations across the United States, Europe, and Australia. HVG Systems specializes in small to mid-sized companies from multiple industries, including manufacturing, finance and investments, legal, nonprofit and religious organizations, housing authorities, public utilities, and more.

With the influx of new clients, HVG Systems needed a reliable partner with extensive experience in IT support services to provide efficient Tier 1 support under the HVG Systems brand.

Tier 1 Help Desk for HVG Systems’ Clients

In April 2021, HVG Systems chose ScienceSoft to handle the Tier 1 support requests for some of its clients, allowing HVG Systems’ internal team to focus on Tier 2-Tier 3 cases and other projects.

Within 10 business days, ScienceSoft’s experts:

  • Familiarized themselves with HVG Systems’ help desk processes: ticket creation, processing, closing, and escalation.
  • Mastered Atera – the ticketing software HVG Systems relies on.
  • Studied the business specifics and procedures of HVG Systems’ clients and its preferred communication channels.
  • Established effective communication with the internal support team.
  • Started providing 8/5 Tier 1 support services on behalf of HVG Systems.

ScienceSoft’s help desk agents resolved login and access issues, installed and updated critical applications, verified proper hardware and software setup, and helped users navigate Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and similar apps. Cases that required in-depth technical support were promptly escalated to HVG Systems’ Tier 2 support team. In addition, ScienceSoft assisted Tier 2 engineers with regular server backup checks and monthly software updates.

During the collaboration with ScienceSoft, HVG Systems continuously received positive feedback from its clients. After one year of successful cooperation, HVG Systems decided to extend the contract with ScienceSoft and increase the size of the ticket package from 150 to 300 tickets per month.

By outsourcing Tier 1 help desk to ScienceSoft, HVG Systems was able to scale up its internal support team, which helped it confidently serve more clients. The number of clients that HVG Systems entrusts to ScienceSoft has also increased. At the beginning of our cooperation, ScienceSoft supported only 5, but now we serve a total of 38 clients.

Ofer Alphabet, CEO at HVG Systems, says:

We went with ScienceSoft as our help desk partner and didn’t regret it.

ScienceSoft’s team demonstrates high technical competence, a proactive and responsible approach to IT support services, and full compliance with HVG’s SLA. After a year of working together, we requested a ticket package twice as large as the initial one, and now they reliably handle Tier 1 support for many of our clients.

Thanks to ScienceSoft’s integration, HVG’s team increased their abilities to process many Tier 1 tickets, and we were able to support more clients. We continue our cooperation with ScienceSoft and can recommend them as a reliable partner.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • Effective Tier 1 help desk for 38 of HVG Systems’ clients.
  • Reallocation of workload on the in-house team, allowing HVG Systems to win and support more clients.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and trust in HVG Systems’ services.


Atera, Microsoft Teams.

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