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L1 Help Desk Services for FläktGroup

L1 Help Desk Services for FläktGroup



For over two years, ScienceSoft has provided L1 support for FläktGroup's employees in 15 countries. Resolving all the incoming L1 tickets, ScienceSoft has allowed FläktGroup's in-house IT support team to focus on handling more complex technical issues.

About FläktGroup

With a history spanning over a century, FläktGroup has established itself as a market leader in indoor air quality and critical ventilation solutions designed to optimize energy consumption and reduce the ecological footprint. The company operates globally, serving customers in more than 65 countries worldwide.

In each region of presence, FläktGroup has its own internal IT department to address the employees’ support needs. However, the in-house support teams found it challenging to handle the full volume of incoming tickets. To address this, FläktGroup sought a professional MSP to ensure quick and efficient L1 support for its employees across various time zones.

Effectively Managing 1,250 Tickets per Month

At the very start of our cooperation with FläktGroup, ScienceSoft’s responsibility was to address employee issues in several European countries, handling around 100 tickets per month. Over time, pleased with our team's performance, FläktGroup expanded our field of responsibility to 15 countries across Europe and North America. Currently, ScienceSoft's L1 engineers manage a load of 1,250 tickets per month, freeing up time for FläktGroup's in-house IT support team to focus on more complex technical tasks.

To cover the needs of FläktGroup's employees across different time zones, ScienceSoft has established two L1 support teams. The first team covers the employees in European offices, while the second team oversees the US. FläktGroup's employees can reach their corresponding support team via email, internal help desk, or phone. All the received tickets are managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Our support agents resolve all L1 incidents reported by FläktGroup's employees, constituting about 60–80% of all incoming issues. The remaining 20–40% qualify for L2 tickets as they require more sophisticated solutions or a higher level of access. Our agents escalate such issues to FläktGroup's in-house support team.

Prompt Issue Resolution

According to the SLA, FläktGroup has the following processes covered by ScienceSoft's L1 team:

  • User administration (creating new users in Active Directory, adding security groups, etc.).
  • Resolving username and password problems.
  • Installing, configuring, updating, and uninstalling essential software.
  • Remotely configuring new PCs and laptops for employees.
  • Administering Microsoft products (Exchange Online, Exchange Server (on-premises), SharePoint, Office 365): creating business email addresses, distribution groups, and shared mailboxes, granting access to the mailboxes, assigning licenses, creating archives, etc.
  • Remotely configuring peripheral tools (printers, scanners, web cameras, etc.).
  • Troubleshooting user incidents with Office 365 apps (e.g., issues with receiving emails in Outlook or using macros in Excel).

The first response time for emails or incoming tickets is 30 minutes or less; for incoming calls — 40 seconds. FläktGroup gets full visibility into the service level thanks to monthly reports on KPIs documented in the SLA, such as the number of received tickets, the percentage of resolved ones, and the first response time.

As of July 2023, FläktGroup has been successfully collaborating with ScienceSoft for over two years. Satisfied with the support quality and speed, FläktGroup recently expanded its cooperation with ScienceSoft by entrusting us with L2 support and several L3 tasks.

Piotr Berner, Director of Global IT Operations at FläktGroup, says:

ScienceSoft has proven to be a great partner and a much-needed addition to our IT support team. Their agents are friendly, professional, and work very quickly. They got on board with our processes in no time and maintained consistently high user satisfaction ever since. They are proficient in the Microsoft suite, so they are helping our users resolve less common issues without any involvement of our in-house specialists. Time zone coverage also came in the clutch: ScienceSoft handled our offices across the world, from the HQ in Herne and all the way to Tennessee.

After two years, we know for sure they’re reliable and committed specialists, so it was a no-brainer to let them handle L2 cases. They stick to SLAs, provide competent support, and make sure incidents are resolved or escalated as soon as possible. I can confidently recommend them to any business looking for similar services.

Key Outcomes for FläktGroup

  • Efficient and timely support for employees across Europe and North America, regardless of the time zone.
  • Effective resolution of all L1 tickets (60–80% of all incoming tickets), freeing up time for FläktGroup's in-house IT support team to focus on more complex technical tasks.
  • Stable FRT of below 30 minutes for tickets and 40 seconds — for calls.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Active Directory, TeamViewer, Duo Admin Panel, Exchange admin center, Microsoft Teams.

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