Microsoft’s 3D Capture: Why is it better than any other 3D scanning mobile app?

Microsoft has introduced the 3D Capture mobile app. While waiting for more official details, we look at the market of mobile 3D scanning apps and contemplate how Microsoft can stand out.

Cognitive systems: the future of banking and finance?

Cognitive banking software can significantly affect the way banks and financial institutions deliver services to their customers.

Driving customer satisfaction through mobile banking

Banks that tend to be leaders in customer satisfaction shouldn’t overlook mobile banking development initiatives.

EHR is becoming a dirty word

Some players in healthcare software game start to turn their faces off EHRs, claiming that they are way more than one technology. We dive into reasons to do that.

Revitalizing a SharePoint-based bank intranet

The bank’s complex business and corporate structure can become a great obstacle while implementing a corporate intranet that should create a synergic environment for everyone’s productive work. Without a clear understanding of features to implement and target users, banks can fail to get the value they expected from their intranets. Fortunately, it’s never too late to change the situation for the better and reboot a SharePoint-based intranet by filling it with features supporting both the front and back offices.

Patient engagement analytics: It’s measurable!

No more abstract patient engagement talks. Healthcare data analytics shows the way into transforming the level of patients' involvement in their health into a measurable value.

SharePoint Online: Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2016

At the annual Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta, GA on September 26-30, the SharePoint team headed by Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive and SharePoint, shared their latest results on improving SharePoint Online (part of Office 365). Our SharePoint consultants sum up the new features that the platform is ready to offer.

Why a community bank needs its own mobile banking app

Investing in mobile banking development, community banks can boost customer engagement by enabling the digital reach to banking services.

Approaching COPD health outcomes analytics

We review an array of different stewards that define and provide measures to address COPD patients’ health outcomes.

What we’ve learned from Global Customer Experience Day 2016

On October 5, the world’s customer experience community celebrated their day. We used this chance to scoop key takeaways from CX thought leaders.