On the way to better SharePoint performance

A purely technical issue, a poor SharePoint performance is actually just the tip of the iceberg, as it hides more serious troubles such as users’ low productivity and buy-in. Slowly loading pages is the most annoying trouble that is able to weaken the portal’s reputation and become a serious source of users’ irritation. So to help your portal restore its slick functionality there are a few questions for you to answer.

SharePoint workflows: staying rigid or going flexible?

Transforming unstructured business processes into effective workflows is the first thing companies do in order to enhance their productivity. Let’s admit, today’s IT market is full of workflow management solutions that promise rich sets of features and almost instant results in the bottom line. The challenge here is to get the system that will streamline your workflows and let you stay flexible enough to keep up with your business development and employees’ demands.

How to (actually) manage customer experience: know your software

A professional perspective on customer experience management via CRM as a holistic platform, featuring the list of the must-have software functionality.

How to engage channel partners with a portal?

Designed to create opportunities to streamline sales, empower partners and achieve competitive advantages, many partner portals end up unpopular with channel partners. Find out how to engage partners through a portal by turning it into their everyday tool that is interactive, convenient and valuable.

How to understand website visitor engagement with web analytics

Interpreting website visitor statistics with commonly used metrics is not free of pitfalls. Learn how to understand website visitor engagement through web analytics by time on page and types of visitor engagement.

Retail trends 2016: bite-size takeaways from Retail Technology Show USA

Back from a visit to Retail Technology Show USA 2016, we compiled this year’s retail software development trends in one bite-size guide.

Post-surgery mHealth application: escaping the twilight zone

We came up with a concept of a postoperative mHealth application integrated with the EHR and designed to continually monitor patients’ recovery progress. It helps patients to stay connected to their caregivers during the whole post-surgery period.

The guide to displaying partners on your website correctly

Find out how to display your partners on the website correctly and hence ensure more leads for them and more business for you.

What makes a great enterprise collaboration?

When thinking of enterprise collaboration, managers usually rely on such enterprise systems as CRMs or ERPs. However, the deployment of a fully functional collaboration space in the heart of an enterprise system turns out to be very costly and time-consuming, as the native collaboration capabilities of enterprise systems are rather raw and don’t meet the real-life needs. So how to add collaboration to an enterprise system? We offer to use the following formula.

CRM and customer satisfaction surveys in B2B

CRM consultants give 4 reasons why you should manage your customer satisfaction surveys via a B2B CRM system as part of your CX policy.