A fork in the road: desktop apps and technologies

Since the creation of the first digital computer, it has been evolving along the two major axis: improving the performance and making it cheaper. As a result, personal computers (PCs) have gained a huge number of users. And nowadays the emerging mobile platforms allow you to always have your PC with you wherever you go. So, where is the place for the desktop platform apps?

Push-to-succeed: a look into Azure Notification Hubs for business

Food for thought for marketing executives and product managers contemplating ways to enrich their apps with push-notification functionality.

Article review: the maths behind Amazon Web Services migration

No denying that cloud technologies have become commonplace in business as Amazon has entered an arms race with Microsoft. In a series of articles, our leading tech specialists wake up their inner business gurus and share the vision and practical details about how cloud solutions that we provide help our clients to run their operations and marketing in a smarter way.

Mobile banking trends in 2015

Desperately looking for an ATM of your bank in the dead of night to enquire your account balance or to view recent transactions is quickly going out of fashion. The research shows that 94% of mobile users now prefer doing these operations through the dedicated apps. What other banking and finance software topics are hot in 2015?

Benchmarking for excellence in healthcare

What accounts for consistent and timely delivery of high quality healthcare services? Analytical software and BI solutions help to identify and track the best practices in healthcare management and leadership, thus helping spread the knowledge across the industry. For over 22 years Truven Health Analytics have been sieving and sifting through terabytes of data to crystallize the ways in which certain health systems excel in their work.

Capabilities of React.js

React is not a frontend framework but rather a library offering a new approach to build view. It creates a virtual DOM to track changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of the page which have been changed. Since all DOM manipulations occur simultaneously in an efficient way, it makes UI lightning fast.

ScienceSoft reaches out to startups at Slush Conference 2014

Participation in a startup conference is a great way to keep up with technology trends. This is the conclusion Head of Sales at ScienceSoft Finland Sergei Rabotai drew after dropping at Slush 2014 on November 18-19th in Helsinki. We asked Sergei to shed some light on what the whole Slush movement is about.

Lookup field rendering in SharePoint

While using Lookup Field (the standard rendering control for lookup fields – Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.LookupField) the results can look different depending on the brower used. The article looks into possible solutions to this issue.

Meeting business analyst

IT-projects may vary in resources, time frames, goals and content. But there is one risk they all share – if the developed solution doesn’t answer the customer’s business needs, the project is doomed. This is where a Business Analyst (BA) steps in. Using various techniques and tools, a Business Analyst describes business needs in the language understandable both for Business and for Development.