Using SharePoint for Your Workflow Management to Be in Full Sail

When email no longer satisfies your workflow management needs and specialized software causes even more difficulties, SharePoint comes up to help you raise your efficiency level.

How to choose a CRM consultant?

It’s said and done – a CRM is coming to your organization. But now that you set out to find your CRM consultant, you are likely to face the challenge of bringing down all the cacophony of demands you have heard from your fellow stakeholders. Learn how to pick the right CRM consultant with these 5 unconventional criteria to apply if you want to get the CRM system everyone loves.

Data analytics: on the way to value-based care

Now that Meaningful Use transforms into the value-based care delivery model, providers face a major challenge of adapting to the changes in how care delivery is organized, measured and reimbursed. No gilding any pills here, it is the ‘Do or Die’ dilemma. Find out how the healthcare data analytics can solve this dilemma.

How to energize long cycle sales using CRM

We feed on our CRM maturity model and revisit the ideas behind its first 3 levels to come up with the approaches and must-have CRM elements to energize specifically long-cycle sales – the ones that take up to 3 years to occur. This is typical for selling highly technological solutions to public and private sector organizations in Defense, Aerospace, Transport, Oil & Gas, etc. So how can their vendors win it by using CRM tools?

How to increase B2B sales with a website

Many businesses underestimate the potential of online B2B sales, thinking of their websites as online brochures to showcase products or services. It comes as no surprise that these websites, often rigid and generic in response to visitors’ needs, tend to achieve little in lead generation. Behind this inefficiency there stands a dilemma: do you want to simply stay online and be grateful for small leads or do you want to win more, bigger customers, showing credibility, expertise and a personalized approach? If you set out to increase B2B sales with your website, read on for our practical advice on how to accomplish that.

CRM as your watchdog, or how to automate identification of lead nurturing problems

Almost three decades since the inception of CRM, and no one seems to question the importance of lead nurturing as part of customer relationship development. However, both marketers and sales reps still put lead nurturing software on trial, testing out its capabilities and giving it a fair share of professional skepticism. Now, with a little twist to this software functionality, we are going to show how to make automation the best friend of your marketing and sales department.

Perks of using medical website personalization

Few relations are more personal than those between patients and their doctors. Still, a lot of medical websites tend to fail to offer content personalization to strengthen and extend these bonds. Content personalization is a tool of influence that can deliver meaningful information such as geo-targeted clinic search and a ‘recently visited’ section with pages and services from visitors’ previous entries.

Medical software development. How apps turn from life-saving to time-tying

To reach Stage 7 of EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) and Ambulatory EMRAM, health organizations are considered to create clinical environments without paper charts. By adopting mobile healthcare software, caregivers invest into optimization of routine processes as well as improvement of data flow and overall performance. However, the inherent problem with the majority of clinical mobile apps is that they are built around EMR/EHR systems, not health specialists’ needs.

How many mobile app vendors do you need?

Before you even start looking for mobile app development vendor and evaluate their qualifications, you need to know how many vendors you are planning to hire so that you could come up with a vendor management strategy. ScienceSoft is willing to give you some helpful insights on this subject.

Benefits of CRM software for SMEs

In this post, we consider the benefits of adopting a fully functional CRM solution specifically for SMEs in the B2B sector. Find out how the technology can be aligned with a CRM strategy to acquire new customers, sell more to existing ones and assist with sales force expansion.