Supporting kaizen with mobile, or How to fit continuous improvement in an app

Learn how to help kaizen find its way into employees’ devices to support continuous improvement on the go.

Making a universal employee app work for HR needs

The mobile HR features laid out in this article will help you get a comprehensive picture of what a universal employee app will be capable of.

Benefits of managing customer communications in a single system

Customer communications management platforms help companies create a holistic customer experience, keeping control of all outbound communications.

Assembling the puzzle of a patient health profile in CRM

Caregivers can tap into CRM for advanced patient health profiling and segmentation. They may define narrow patient groups and then use a healthcare CRM system to send personalized, relevant information to patients.

Health outcomes analytics: Opportunities and gaps

Our new infographic sums up on aspects essential for defining, measuring and analyzing patients’ health outcomes.

In search of an effective model to measure customer experience

Customer satisfaction surveys may be not enough to measure customer experience against truly relevant factors. Here is the alternative.

Employee personal pages: How to make them the core of successful HR management

Although employees' personal pages are supposed to be a link between companies and their staff, they are rarely used to their full potential and traditionally contain only employees’ contacts, job titles, short bios and hardly anything else, often looking empty and boring. We at ScienceSoft strongly believe that an employee personal page has much bigger potential than being a simple business card. Moreover, it can become a vital tool improving not only employee engagement but also leveraging staff retention.

Competency management: The next frontier of HRM technology

Once automated, competency management brings visibility into the staff’s competency dynamics and helps to align employee development to the corporate strategy.

Addressing the volatility of Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) in B2B

Outdated LTV makes no use for B2B enterprises as it can result in strategic mishaps. Learn how CRM can help to keep it updated at all times.

Session Mapping to Facilitate User Identification with IBM QRadar SIEM

Placing a SIEM solution at the core of their information security, companies hope not only to get comprehensive information on all the offenses that threaten their IT environment, but also to detect attackers and their actions. However, even such an advanced SIEM system as IBM Security QRadar SIEM (QRadar) often leaves uncovered both users and actions that have triggered the offense in the first place. Trying to solve this challenge, ScienceSoft’s SIEM consultants came up with an alternative way to get closer to user identification in QRadar via the dedicated tool.