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A B2B vendor portal is a trending solution to build a strong connection with your suppliers and efficiently manage the purchasing process. We’ve developed a B2B vendor portal demo to show you how faster and smoother the communication with your vendors can be with portal implementation.

How Does a B2B Vendor Portal Support Your Business?

The digital transformation of your purchasing department may well contribute to the success of your business. The demo shows how B2B vendor portal implementation can facilitate the two core processes that a purchasing team deals with:

Superior vendor management

A B2B Vendor portal contributes to building a strong relationship with your vendors allowing you to keep vendor data organized and easily accessible, get away from slow paperwork and email-based communication and manage interactions with your suppliers with ease and speed.

  • Get access to all vendor data at any time and from any location.
  • Engage the right vendors with carefully considered onboarding forms that define your specific requirements.
  • Eliminate errors and miscommunications and save valuable time of your vendor managers with vendors’ self-registration process.
  • Keep yourself informed about all updates and changes in underlying data (e.g. vendor profile, bid-related info) with alerts and personal/bulk notifications.
  • Get quick insights about companies and their products easily navigating through vendor profiles and catalogs.
  • Reach better visibility through the history of all interactions with your vendors.

Advanced bidding

The features of a B2B vendor portal can greatly simplify the bidding process and help you make considered decisions.

  • Quickly select the appropriate vendors with multiple search options and invite them to participate in the bidding. Now there is no need to spend time looking through countless catalogs and pricelists and making follow-up calls on basic questions.
  • Consolidate all bid-related info in one place, including essential documentations (examples of shipping documents, customs duties, if needed), details about all bidders.
  • Make considered awards allowing the system to compare responses and find the best offers for you.  
  • Facilitate future decisions rating the service after the purchase. 

And More Than That

Yet, the Demo shows just a part of multiple gains you can get with a B2B vendor portal. Other benefits of having one include:

  • Integration with e-payment systems.
  • Ensuring constant communication with your vendors via forums, quick messages, live chats, etc.
  • Involving your vendors in the R&D process.

Talk to our team to learn more about other useful features available in a B2B vendor portal.

Introduce a Vendor Portal to Your Business

ScienceSoft’s web portal development team is ready to carry out initial consulting and a feasibility study on the implementation of the vendor portal tailored to your business needs or conduct full-cycle portal development.