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At ScienceSoft, we build B2B customer portals with a wide range of capabilities to enable smooth sales and service interactions between businesses. The demo below illustrates it by the example of automated procurement operations. You can see the process from the perspective of different users on the customer’s side.

What Determines B2B Customer Portal Success

  • A scalable portal architecture to answer changing business needs and seamlessly serve the increasing number of customers.
  • A multi-user account with role-based spaces and personal logins to keep different users focused on what matters for them specifically.
  • Intuitive navigation through complex B2B operations to shorten the user adoption period.
  • Informative product pages to streamline purchasing decisions – availability data, technical details, supporting documentation, ability to compare, pre-order, re-order, purchase in bulk, etc.
  • Mobile-friendliness to allow users to work on the move efficiently.
  • Direct access to a personal manager to address buyers’ inquiries promptly and professionally.
  • Complete security of document and sensitive information sharing.
  • Integrations with yours and your partners’ internal systems (ERP, CRM, PIM, logistics software) to sync valuable product-, service-, delivery- and customer-related info in real time and without errors.

How You Benefit from B2B Customer Portal Implementation

Improve customer experience:

  • 24/7 access to all necessary information on every stage of the buying journey – structured, relevant, personalized.
  • Faster service and issue management.
  • Self-service support.

Have consistent customer interaction and sales information.

Reduce manual errors by automating document handling.

Reduce efforts of the sales and the customer service teams and refocus them on more complex tasks.

Leverage data analytics:

  • Gain valuable data about customer journeys.
  • Timely identify growing / decreasing demand.
  • Enhance personalized content.

Introduce a B2B Customer Portal to Your Business

ScienceSoft’s web portal development team is ready to carry out initial consulting and a feasibility study on the implementation of the B2B customer portal tailored to your business needs or conduct full-cycle portal development.