Benefits of CRM software for SMEs

In this post, we consider the benefits of adopting a fully functional CRM solution specifically for SMEs in the B2B sector. Find out how the technology can be aligned with a CRM strategy to acquire new customers, sell more to existing ones and assist with sales force expansion.

4 Levels of CRM maturity model

Up, up and up – our next infographic takes you on a journey through 4 maturity levels of B2B CRM, from simple customer bookkeeping to strategic relationship management, where we show the true potential of a strategic approach when aided with the CRM technology.

Mobile enterprise application types

Solving a company’s problems with the help of an enterprise mobile app isn’t just a trend anymore, but a reasonable, hands-on approach. Even though the amount of specific tasks and challenges for every possible job is immense, mobile enterprise apps can assist in solving a good share of them. With our experience in enterprise mobile app development in mind, we've created the infographic to point out main types of enterprise applications.

Integrating mobile enterprise apps with a legacy system

Backend development is often the best way to integrate an enterprise mobile app with a legacy system. This method not only solves the challenge of app integration but also has many other advantages.

B2B CRM system as a profit generation tool

Based on our 7-year Dynamics CRM practice, this hands-on guide shows how to customize your B2B CRM to expand strategic accounts and get more internal referrals within the same client organizations.

Why does mobile banking lag behind?

In contrast to thousands of various services, which have already reached out to the mobile world with applications that conveniently complement businesses, mobile banking is only cautiously moving forward. Not that it is being suppressed by the lack of interest among potential users, let alone – of mobile development incompetence. It’s the banks that, due to some reason, take their time to adopt the idea of dealing with finance from mobile devices.

The odds of mHealth in chronic disease management

Chronic disease management is an everyday challenge for patients. mHealth software is able to solve a wide range of routine problems including physical data tracking and lab results monitoring. Check out our infographic on the opportunities and drawbacks in mHealth chronic disease management to unlock the full potential of your mobile health apps.

7 website redesign quests

Wishing you a slick road to your new website, we still want to warn you about the redesign challenges ahead. Knowing the following 7 pitfalls, you’ll be able to defend your search engine ranking while improving sales and keeping users engaged.

Pitfalls of using JSLink with SharePoint apps for Office Store

Our SharePoint expert Alex Kananchuk shares his experience of trying to use JSLink to override the standard SharePoint functionality during a project to create an app for the Office Store.

Spreading mobile health across-platform

Mobile health has reached a new peak over the past few years and steadily continues its ascension. In the course of 2014-2015 health applications have accounted for 6,4% of the total 40,402 apps in all existing business lines, leaving ground only to news and business applications.