Capabilities of React.js

React is not a frontend framework but rather a library offering a new approach to build view. It creates a virtual DOM to track changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of the page which have been changed. Since all DOM manipulations occur simultaneously in an efficient way, it makes UI lightning fast.

Lookup field rendering in SharePoint

While using Lookup Field (the standard rendering control for lookup fields – Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.LookupField) the results can look different depending on the brower used. The article looks into possible solutions to this issue.

Meeting business analyst

IT-projects may vary in resources, time frames, goals and content. But there is one risk they all share – if the developed solution doesn’t answer the customer’s business needs, the project is doomed. This is where a Business Analyst (BA) steps in. Using various techniques and tools, a Business Analyst describes business needs in the language understandable both for Business and for Development.