Cross-platform Mobile APP Development


ScienceSoft's development of Viber, enhancement of a TV streaming application that is used by MTV and T-Mobile as well as delivery of a field audit solution applied by KFC – all these projects certainly prove the company’s competence and expertise. But apart from presenting all-round services that involve native mobile application development, we offer professional cross-platform development using the two most powerful frameworks – Xamarin and Cordova/PhoneGap.

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Writing code once and benefiting from multiple markets is not just a tempting ambition but also a realistic and practical strategy. Exploiting the capabilities of Xamarin and Cordova to the full, we create applications that work on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with a near-original functionality and preserved design allure. ScienceSoft cross-platform application development presents:

  • High Performance
  • Close-to-Native User Experience (with the help of Xamarin)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Development Costs
  • Quick Delivery to the Market 

Technologies CONSULTING Services

We welcome all your mobile application ideas and genuinely care about the quality of their implementation. Our development experts are ready to provide professional consulting prior to the start of your project, free of charge. After analyzing your requirements, goals and budget, we will help you match them with the most suitable development technology that will ensure your application’s success. 


Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool capable of recreating the very native feel of any application type. Powered by .NET, this framework produces not a hybrid, but a native code that gives applications an easy access to the specific hardware and platform-dependent features, thus bringing user experience as close to that of a native app as possible.

With Xamarin ScienceSoft specialists have already delivered a number of successful projects, including business document and project management applications that required agility and extensive functionality. There are a lot of ways how our Xamarin development team can contribute to the whole range of industries:


Banking and Finance: mobile banking, e-commerce;


Telecommunications: VoIP and IPTV applications;


Retail: mobile commerce, loyalty clients;


Healthcare: fitness activities loggers, sleep cycle trackers, telehealth apps with sensor technology;

News and Entertainment

News and Entertainment: complex games, image editing cameras, live streaming;


Travel: real-time GPS navigation, detailed mapping.


Open-source Cordova presents a great opportunity for rapid and cost-efficient cross platform development. Despite having some specific limitations in regards to the type of applications that can be developed with it, this framework is still a popular and a shrewd choice.

The main advantage of using Cordova is the ability to quickly deliver to the market a simple yet very efficient application. ScienceSoft has created an intricate mobile time-tracking solution on Cordova and moreover – easily integrated it with the customer’s ERP system. Have a look at just a tip of what our Cordova experts can do for you:   


Telecommunications: chats and messengers, social network clients;


Retail: loyalty clients;


Healthcare: tailored fitness schedules, diet advisors, patient information applications;

News and Entertainment

News and Entertainment: newsfeeds, simple games, learning applications;


Travel: hotel/restaurant directories, public transport and weather report clients;


General: ERP and CRM integration, personal and enterprise productivity applications.


For ScienceSoft there are no particular boundaries when it comes to application development. Whether your business operates in healthcare, bankingtelecommunicationsretail or any other industry, we are enthusiastic to develop your individual application on the framework of your choice. Unleash your imagination and allow us to drive your application idea to success.

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