Streamserve-Based Solutions for Customer Communications Management

Streamserve-Based Solutions

For 10 years, ScienceSoft’s team has been helping companies facilitate their Customer Communications Management (CCM) by implementing custom StreamServe-based solutions.

ScienceSoft’s team of StreamServe Certified Developers helps our customers implement this CCM platform to contribute to their effective interaction with end clients by delivering relevant and personalized information both via one-on-one and mass communication.

At ScienceSoft, we provide consulting on customer communication management so that our customers can take a full advantage of the OpenText StreamServe functionality.

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Our Portfolio

ScienceSoft’s StreamServe project portfolio features solutions for specific industries:


A StreamServe-based service for a 1,500+ store company to consolidate processing of 170+ document types (e.g. invoices, dunning letters, credit memos, bank statements, etc.) sent to the retailer’s subsidiaries - More project details.


A StreamServe solution for a wholesale and logistics company with €450 mln revenue to ensure processing of 1,000+ document batches per month for printing and distribution purposes - See more details.


Simplifying communication with clients for a pension insurance company with €35+ bn in assets.


Using OpenText StreamServe to enhance debtor management capabilities for a Mobile operator with 5 mln subscribers.

Challenges We Solve

Consolidation of data from multiple back-end systems

Our solutions provide the possibility to compose various types of documents based on customers’ personal information. We extract data from your source applications (ERP, CRM, banking software, etc.) without modifying these business systems.

Integration with CRM

As CRM is a unique database of customer-centric information, we can help you unlock the benefits of the CRM and StreamServe synergy for a more effective marketing communication. Backed by an 12-year expertise in providing a full-range CRM development services, ScienceSoft is a trustworthy partner that can ensure seamless integration of CRM systems with StreamServe-based solutions.

Document layout composition

ScienceSoft will help you combine data from your back-end systems with your generic template into a single document. After you define how the template should look, our team will put together customer data and add your company’s information, e.g. logo, footers, address, etc. for each document type. Our developers can include dynamic fields, complex tables, various charts and graphs based on customer information.

Efficient combination of transactional and marketing messages

We help you leverage your cross-selling and upsell opportunities by featuring relevant, targeted promotional messages into transactional communications of your choice with the help of StreamServe.

Multi-channel document delivery

With this functionality, we ensure document delivery through a variety of communication channels, e.g. e-mail, web portal, print, mobile, SMS, fax, etc. You can use them separately or combined, depending on delivery requirements and customer preferences.

Mass-printing and archiving

Along with enabling the archiving functionality, we will help you better organize document printing by:

  • sorting out documents by recipients
  • preparing print-ready output for internal printing devices or
  • creating document batches for printing organizations
  • applying OMR and other marks for a successful document delivery
  • enabling document preview to check if data to be printed is accurate


Our core industry-specific solutions cover:



  • Preparation and delivery of bank statements (monthly, on schedule, etc.) by email
  • Personalized marketing messages (e.g. recommendations on account options, new products and services) included into statements, invoices, etc. to make them more informative and relevant
  • Personalized reports by a variety of sections like Account balances, Revenues, Bonuses, Shares, News, etc.

Pension Insurance

Pension Insurance

  • Documents that verify data before submitting it to customers, e.g. pension calculations, reported income, payment and retirement data, etc. with the option of a preview mode from the corporate portal
  • Document templates for customers’ use, e.g. pension records, earnings data, contribution payment instructions
  • Featuring personalized messages about customers’ expenditures, policy notifications, etc. into transactional documents



  • Management of document exchange between remote warehouses and outlets
  • Automated generation of shipping documents and invoices
  • Advanced customer retention capabilities by providing personalized promotional information, including cross-sell/upsell content



  • Mass preparation and e-mailing of regular reports on calls, payments, etc.
  • Paper-based communication with customers
    • Printing Invoices
    • Printer Management
    • Packaging into envelopes
  • SMS-communication with customers:
    • SMS notifications and advertisements


  • 30 years in Information Technology
  • 10 years of experience with StreamServe (OpenText Communications Center Enterprise)
  • A dedicated team of StreamServe Certified Developers

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Our StreamServe specialists will help you define the business processes to be optimized, estimate the time and budget needed for the deployment, ensure successful integration with your existing business systems, and assist you through the entire implementation process as well. Reach out to our StreamServe consultants to learn how you can benefit from Customer Communications Management solutions.