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Debtor Management Software Development for Mobile Operator

Debtor Management Software Development for Mobile Operator



The Customer is a member of a European telecommunication holding. With almost 5 mln subscribers, the company provides mobile communication and Internet access based on the fiber-optic technology.


With a vast base of individual subscribers and legal entities to deal with on a daily basis, the Customer has enabled an impressive internal document workflow. However, the Customer began facing problems with debtor management, as they processed about 300 document types to communicate with debtors on overdue payments and with the judiciary regarding long-term arrears to forcibly recover debts, etc.


To streamline performing of their debtor management tasks, the Customer chose ScienceSoft, an experienced provider of StreamServe-based solutions. During the project, our StreamServe certified developers created about 17 dynamic templates. These templates can be transformed into 38 output documents depending on the customer type (a legal entity or an individual). To fill in these templates, our developers configured connection with the Customer’s accounting system that contained the debtor database. This feature enabled taking necessary data from XLM files generated within the accounting system for their further parsing and output document configuration in the PDF format.

ScienceSoft’s developers further extended the StreamServe-based functionality to printing to send documents either to local printers or an external printing organization, depending on the document type. For the latter, our developers configured an output connector for printing documents in the PCL format.


ScienceSoft delivered a tailored StreamServe-based solution to the Customer. As a result, the company enhanced its debtor management capabilities with a custom solution for processing approximately 15,000 documents per month.

The project lasted for 2 months and met all Customer's expectations.

Technologies and Tools

OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (former OpenText StreamServe), including Control Center, XML, XMLIN, xPath, StoryTeller, Sheet Layout, generic input and output connectors, Windows shell scripting.   

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