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Development of StreamServe Document Management Software for an Insurance Company

Development of StreamServe Document Management Software for an Insurance Company

Insurance, Financial Services


The Customer is a Finnish pension insurance company with a full scope of pension-related services for employed and self-employed individuals. With more than 50 years in business and €35+ bn in assets, the company provides pension coverage to almost 900,000 clients.


The Customer used a TMH technology for handling a part of internal documents. With its own file extension and data processing logic, this rather old technology was difficult to maintain. For this reason, the Customer was searching for a platform that could consolidate data from different sources, including TMH, to create, archive and print documents.


As the Customer went for StreamServe with powerful document management capabilities, ScienceSoft created document templates to be used both internally and by Customer’s clients. The documents for employees are available for preview through the corporate portal where users can check data before submitting it to the Customer. There are about 40 templates covering information about pension calculations, reported income, payment and retirement data, etc.

Documents for Customer’s clients include pension records, earnings data, contribution payment instructions, etc. and are available in client accounts via a web browser.

ScienceSoft also implemented StreamServe tools to prepare PDFs for printing and archiving. To archive output data and corresponding index files, our developers used the StreamServe generic archive output connector and implemented Base64 encoding schemes. The printing solution now allows creating and sending PDF documents together with an XML-file to external services where they are printed. A PDF file can include letters to several recipients while the accompanying XML includes their addresses and data on print operations, e.g. how many pages the letter contains or how the printing machine should divide one letter from another. These letters can also be sent by e-mail in case the recipient has configured electronic delivery.


ScienceSoft developers delivered several document management modules based on the StreamServe platform. They simplified document workflows and ensured efficient processing of 9,000+ documents per month in response to clients’ web requests, and nearly 5,000 documents per month intended for printing and archiving.

Technologies and Tools

OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (former OpenText StreamServe) including Design Center, Control Center, StreamIn, StoryTeller, LXF, email output connector, XMLOUT, StreamOut; shell scripting.

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