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Enterprise Communication Software to Process 1 Million Documents Monthly

Enterprise Communication Software to Process 1 Million Documents Monthly



The Customer is an international retail company from Finland with 3 trade focuses: grocery, DIY goods, and appliances. The company owns over 1,500 stores with 1.3+ mln visitors per day. In 2015, the Customer’s net sales amounted to about €8+ bn.


Since the Customer runs multiple retail chains across 9 countries, there is an impressive number of subsidiaries to deal with. As a result, the Customer started experiencing problems with communication management and needed an effective solution for a centralized document processing and handling of correspondence.


As an official OpenText partner and support provider with 8 years of experience with its StreamServe technology, ScienceSoft helped the Customer implement a StreamServe-based service to process documents coming from 5 SAP systems. It allows creating document batches from input data in the SAPGOF format for the company’s subsidiaries. This solution also allows to consolidate processing of documents that differ in layout and written in several languages.

ScienceSoft’s specialists also integrated this solution with an IBM onDemand-based archiving system and configured document printing. The latter enabled data delivery to recipients on the correspondence list, as well as printing control. The printing control allows to check the order of documents before putting them in envelopes. If any document is missing or put in the wrong order, the whole envelope is excluded from printing and the program sends a notification with the issue description to the Customer’s technical specialists. This solution also supports selection of envelope sizes depending on the amount of pages in a letter.

Currently, ScienceSoft provides maintenance and support upon the Customer’s request.


ScienceSoft’s specialists successfully developed and delivered a tailored StreamServe-based solution to the Customer. ScienceSoft managed to consolidate processing of 170+ document types (e.g. invoices, dunning letters, credit memos, bank statements, etc.) from the Customer’s several subsidiaries. As a result, the company simplified communication with its subsidiaries by providing document processing tailored to each subsidiary. Consolidated and automated processing of 1+ mln documents per month reduced labor costs by eliminating the previously required manual effort and mitigating the risk of incomplete, misfiled and inaccurate paperwork or document loss.

Technologies and Tools

OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (former OpenText StreamServe), including Control Center, PreformatIN, PageOUT, XMLIN, Post-processing; SAPGOF, XML, xPath, shell scripting.

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