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Team Augmentation (Go, Node.js, Python, React) for the Development of a Kiosk and PWA Solution

Team Augmentation (Go, Node.js, Python, React) for the Development of a Kiosk and PWA Solution

Logistics & Transportation, Consumer Goods
Python, Node.js, React.js, Golang, AWS, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS)


The Customer is US company driven by the mission to create a network of easily accessible power banks and wireless/EV charging stations for ‘green’ vehicles – electric automobiles and e-scooters.


The Customer wanted to create a self-service kiosk solution for rental stations of electric scooters, scooter batteries, and power banks. However, the Customer’s IT department didn’t possess the required skills to deliver the project.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft with the team augmentation request. Their initial resource needs included 1 back-end developer experienced in Golang. Within just 2 days, ScienceSoft provided 3 CVs of available Go engineers and organized an interview with the shortlisted expert.

The developer joined the project in 5 days after the request and started working on the kiosk back-end development tasks under the guidance of the Customer’s CTO. The Go engineer used Jira for task reporting and Microsoft Teams for regular communication with the CTO.

A few weeks later, upon seeing the aptitude and professionalism of ScienceSoft’s Go developer, the Customer decided to scale the team up and requested 2 more talents from ScienceSoft:

  • a front-end developer skilled in React – for the development of the PWA version of the kiosk app.
  • a back-end engineer with experience in Node.js and Python – for the implementation of the web app’s back-end module.

In 3 days, the Customer received the CVs again, reviewed them, and interviewed the most fitting candidates, who then joined the team and began contributing to the project. The functional modules ScienceSoft’s developers implemented include:

  • Log in/Registration.
  • Product choice (an e-scooter, a charger, or a battery).
  • Point-of-sale functionality (with payment gateway integrations).
  • AWS deployment.
  • Real-time view of the map with partner rental spots.


Over the course of 8 months, ScienceSoft’s team managed to deliver the full kiosk + PWA solution and integrate it with the Customer’s AWS infrastructure. Satisfied with the cooperation, the Customer has expressed the wish to tap ScienceSoft’s experts in their other projects in the future.

Technologies and Tools

Back end: Golang, Node.js, Python, Amazon Web Services.

Front end: JavaScript, React.js, Capacitor, PWA.

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