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Golf Rules Mobile App Development

Golf Rules Mobile App Development

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Mobile, iOS


The Customer is a US-based IT system integrator with offices in Canada as well as Western and Eastern Europe.


The Customer had a team working on the development of a golf rules app for iOS and Android. The app was meant to be a reference source for players – both beginners and experts. The Customer turned to ScienceSoft asking for team augmentation to assist with building the iOS version of the app.


The Customer had quite specific yet well-established development processes that involved the use of custom tools. For instance, they had their original UI development kit instead of Apple’s official one. Nevertheless, ScienceSoft’s iOS developers managed to adapt to the new tools on the spot and smoothly joined the Customer’s project team.

ScienceSoft’s team was assigned to work on the front end of the app and implemented its three main tabs:

  • Explore – this tab shows golf-related news and articles.
  • Rules – the tab contains official game rules with pictures and videos. To always keep the rules up-to-date, the app regularly connects to the server of United States Golf Association (USGA) and checks for the updates.
  • Ask Us – a concise contact form to reach out to a consultant in case there are some questions regarding the rules.

The app also has the ‘More’ icon in the left corner. Along with ‘Leave feedback’ and ‘Terms and conditions’ tabs, the ‘More’ menu offers ‘Settings.’ In this tab, a user can turn notifications on or off, change font size, as well as choose between a ‘Beginner’ or ’Expert’ mode. Once the mode is changed, all content – including rules and articles – is changed accordingly, to match the player’s level.


The Customer and ScienceSoft’s development team successfully cooperated on the project for 2 months. The app is scheduled for release in three months, once the Customer finishes work on the back end.

Technologies and Tools

Swift 3, RxSwift, RxCocoa, Alamofire, PromiseKit, SwiftLint.

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