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Registration Product Customization

Registration Product Customization

Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Angular.js, Azure, MS SQL Server, .NET


The Customer is a software product vendor that specializes in providing registration software to large organizations.


The Customer developed a set of web applications for registering legal entities with the functionality for registrants and registration operators. The Customer was selling this product to large organizations and often needed to customize it to meet the target institutions’ needs. Being overloaded with the scope of customization activities, the Customer was looking for a reliable partner to customize the product for two clients, a financial committee and an aviation authority.


Chosen as a customization partner with wide experience in web development, ScienceSoft provided the Customer with a team of competent .NET software engineers who analyzed the applications and modified them to meet the end customers’ needs.

Business Registration Software for a Financial Committee

The client needed to customize the product for it to be able to process the committee’s official registration forms, enabling data submission without human assistance.

ScienceSoft’s developer examined 15 official submission forms that the financial committee provided to their clients who applied for registering a legal entity, changing a company’s name, dissolving a firm, etc. Based on the analyzed forms and the registration mapped out processes, our expert created software business logic specific for each registry operation and registration object (public limited company, private limited company, etc.) and embedded it to the core product using the dependency injection method. As a result, the software processed and verified the submissions automatically, allowing applicants to follow the required registration steps without the participation of an operator. In case of any holdback in the registration process (e.g., the absence of payment, an incorrectly filled-out form), a notification was sent to a relevant agent for resolving the issue.

Furthermore, ScienceSoft’s senior .NET engineer extended and modernized the original web applications’ database so that it could store a large number of records in the XML format. A separate column was created to enable quick search by the entities’ ID. For the financial committee’s convenience, the database search engine was customized to resemble one of their legacy enterprise apps.

Additionally, the developer helped make minor changes in the UI.

A Custom Licensing Module for an Aviation Authority

The aviation authority needed the product to automate the key steps of pilot licensing: accepting applications for the training, giving grades upon training completion, admitting trainees to exams, and more. To ensure this, the original product was to be complemented with a custom licensing module.

ScienceSoft’s .NET developers analyzed the numerous official forms that the applicants had to fill out and created 50 workflows used for acquiring different types of licenses. The new module automated all the required licensing steps, and enabled the updating and verification of each applicant’s status based on the forms submitted, fees paid, and exams passed to quickly license the candidates who completed all the stages.

ScienceSoft’s specialists also helped develop the UI of the custom module.


As a result of collaboration with ScienceSoft, the Customer got their product customized to fully meet the end clients’ needs. The end clients were satisfied with the product’s custom functionality that facilitated the registration processes for all the parties involved.

Technologies and Tools

Front end: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, XML, Angular 9, JQuery

Back end: C#, .NET 4.7+, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Stateless

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

CI/CD pipeline: Azure DevOps

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