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Development of Point-of-care Testing Software for a Global Healthcare Software Provider

Development of Point-of-care Testing Software for a Global Healthcare Software Provider

Healthcare, Software products
.NET, MS SQL Server, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS)


CONWORX Technology GmbH is a Germany-based supplier of healthcare IT solutions and technical support services for medical and diagnostic devices, also used in chronic condition management. Operating in the international market since 1999, the company specializes in process management software, device connectivity and integration of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).


In 2009, the Customer decided to replace its development unit in India with a highly experienced vendor from an easily accessible European country to make the flow of the business processes more agile. A prospective partner was to actively participate in the development of CONWORX’s headline product – POCcelerator™ – an independent, open and cost-effective POCT solution. The Customer expected the vendor to have above-average skills in software development as well as the ability to receive mail packages with medical equipment for testing.


Upon the Customer’s thorough selection procedure and negotiations with other prominent IT services providers, ScienceSoft was chosen as the most competent and promising partner. In early 2010, a team of CONWORX developers was assembled at ScienceSoft and the working process made its start.

As part of the collaboration, ScienceSoft delivered QCLog – a strictly secure point-of-care testing tool for POCcelerator™. The solution is an internet-based application that guides through the whole quality assurance process.

screen 2

Having logged in to a website with an exclusive access, the user can select devices that require quality control, fill in the desired standards, monitor and enter the results. Such modules as user administration, analysis management and reporting were also successfully added to the application’s functionality.


macintosh hd:users:alesbelski:desktop:logo.png

Having delivered a quality product on time, ScienceSoft proved to be a trustworthy and competent partner for CONWORX. The Customer was completely satisfied with the end result and was eager to continue further cooperation.

Technologies and Tools

Frontend: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery

Backend: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Rhinomocks, NUnit, Microsoft Application Blocks, SQL, T-SQL, Trackgear

Business Intelligence (BI): Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, CruiseControl, DotTrace (Jet Brains), Resharper (Jet Brains), Ant/NAnt/CppAnt, SVN, Tortoise SVN

Development processes: Agile

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