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Development of a Pain Tracker Web Application for Physiotherapy Patients

Development of a Pain Tracker Web Application for Physiotherapy Patients

Healthcare, Wellness and Sports
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS)


The Customer is a European IT company that develops software specifically for physiotherapy and massage practices.


The Customer wanted to create a mobile-friendly solution that would help patients register their physical sensations after a massage or a physiotherapy session. The solution would allow a patient to visually mark body regions they feel pain or discomfort in and add a text comment describing the nature of their sensations.

According to the Customer’s vision, all patient data had to be collected and made easily available for the health practice employees. This way, therapists would view each patient’s individual pain measurements with the intent to assess the effectivity and progress of the therapy. Using this data, therapists could also change or develop the plan for further treatment.


ScienceSoft suggested developing a solution in the form of a web app as then it would be available from all types of mobile device, regardless of the platform.

After receiving the app’s UI from the Customer, ScienceSoft adapted it for tablet and smartphone use and proceeded with further project implementation.

Front end: The web app page shows an image of a human body that can be zoomed in and out. Near the image, a user sees a tool panel with a color palette and three types of markers: a single point, a line, and a custom selection.

After choosing a color and a marker type, a patient can tap on the image to add the marker. Once the marker is added to the image, a field for text input appears and a patient can describe their physical sensations in words.

Back end: The developed back end sends data related to tools (types of markers and color palette) to the front end and receives input marker data, which it communicates further to the database. The database is integrated with CRM to let physical or massage therapists access and view the data freely.


The Customer is fully satisfied with the pain tracker app implementation by ScienceSoft’s web application developers and currently works on the way to assign marker-related data to specific patients in the CRM.

Technologies and Tools

Back-end: PHP, MySQL, PhpStorm

Front-end: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, Font Awesome, jQuery, SVG.js

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