Development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-on for Editable Grids

Development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-on for Editable Grids

Oil & Gas
Dynamics CRM


The Customer is a European company that offers customized CRM solutions as well as consulting services for MS Dynamics CRM/ xRM implementations.


The company was engaged in delivering a custom MS Dynamics CRM solution for an oil and gas client. The standard MS Dynamics CRM functionality does not include editing grids, which makes users open forms to edit data, decreasing productivity significantly. ScienceSoft joined a project to create an add-on that would enable in-line edits for all kinds of MS Dynamics CRM grids.


The tool provides the following advantages:

  • Excel-style editing of grids with no need to open additional windows or forms
  • Microsoft validation and alert rules to ensure data accuracy (it is possible to use ScienceSoft API to change them)
  • Various input options, such as lookups, picklists, calendars and more
  • Inherited MS Dynamics CRM security model to grant access rights to users and user groups
  • Editing of multiple entity relationships in a single form



The Customer’s client received a simple tool to edit MS Dynamics CRM entities without leaving the grid, just as it is with MS Excel.

Technologies and Tools

MS Dynamics CRM, JavaScript, JQuery

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