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Insurance Mobile App Development

Insurance Mobile App Development

Insurance, Software products
Mobile, iOS


The Customer is a Canadian IT company that develops game-changing data, mobile, cloud and IoT solutions.


Since 2014, ScienceSoft has finished a number of the Customer’s projects in CRM and IoT. This time, the Customer contacted ScienceSoft for urgent team augmentation for their iOS mobile project – an enterprise app for employees of home insurance companies.


ScienceSoft’s iOS developers joined the Customer’s team and managed to quickly adjust to the workflow and project requirements. Well-versed in Swift, they greatly contributed to the Customer’s development of an iOS version of an existing Android app. The entire functionality of the original insurance mobile app was flawlessly replicated and adjusted to the use on iPads.

The app allows home insurance company employees to gather and organize field data in the form of images of the insured’s damaged property. It also lets employees create text notes and audio recordings with comments as they inspect the damage. An extra feature makes it possible to record a voice note right after taking an image of an insured item: this way, an employee can reflect additional details about the damage in a voice comment that will be automatically attached to the image. This is especially useful for registering the property damage that isn’t visible. What’s even more convenient is that the app can function in an offline mode, letting employees work in the field without worrying about the internet connection.

Once the data is saved in the app, it can be shared to other internal web/desktop systems and an employee can use the images and notes they collected in further paperwork. Such integration also allows smooth data-exchange in the company, as the field force can easily share the data they collected with their colleagues and management.


Thanks to the developers from ScienceSoft, the project was successfully finished in just two months. The Customer was completely satisfied with the results, and joint cooperation on other projects continues.

Technologies and Tools

iOS9, Swift 4, CoreData, JSON, ObjectMapper, Alamofire, SSZipArchive, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Fabric, Fastlane.

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