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Dynamics 365 Cloud Database Integration to Save Clients’ Brand Experience

Dynamics 365 Cloud Database Integration to Save Clients’ Brand Experience

Dynamics CRM


The End Customer is a US-based association that makes a solid contribution to American musical culture.


The End Customer had a Cloud database connected to a number of their corporate systems. After migration to Dynamics 365, they faced a problem with synchronizing data between their new CRM and the Cloud database, which started to affect interactions with their clients. Therefore, the End Customer required a neat solution that would enable an ongoing data transfer between their new Dynamics 365 and the Cloud database.


ScienceSoft's MS Dynamics consultants delivered an integration solution composed of two Windows services.

The first one performs regular data synchronization between Dynamics 365 and the Сloud database. As this service is easily configurable by non-IT users, the End Customer needs no IT assistance to change check frequency and data types depending on their needs. To ensure quick user adoption of the solution, ScienceSoft provided a training and delivered a detailed manual.

The second Windows service runs real-time synchronization of time-sensitive data (for the End Customer’s business), such as contacts, memberships and attachments. This service performs data checks every 5 seconds and initiates data changes in the Cloud database or Dynamics 365 with regard to the priority of the data source.

Finally, to enable correct data collection, mapping and updating, ScienceSoft’s team did the necessary tweaks to the Cloud database and Dynamics 365.


The delivered integration solution helped the End Customer to solve their post-migration challenge of client data inconsistency among corporate systems. Due to easy configurability of the solution, the End Customer has a full control of the data flows. Also, as business-critical data is synced in less than 5 seconds, the End Customer managed to improve their clients’ brand experience.

Technologies and Tools

Dynamics 365 API, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, .NET C#.

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