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Cloud CRM Customization to Drive Sales of Accounting SaaS with 35K+ Subscribed SMEs

Cloud CRM Customization to Drive Sales of Accounting SaaS with 35K+ Subscribed SMEs

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Dynamics CRM, Cloud, Azure


Big Red Book is one of the leading providers of accounting and payroll software for small and medium-sized enterprises. With over 20 years on the accounting software market, the company provides both desktop applications and SaaS, the latter known as Big Red Cloud.


With over 35,000 businesses subscribed to its flagship cloud accounting service, the Customer was looking to optimize sales, leverage customer acquisition capabilities and enable full-scale management of new and existing subscriptions through a tailored CRM system.

For this task, the Customer commissioned the team that was responsible for creating the cloud accounting software in the first place – which was ScienceSoft’s. Back in 2011, both companies started out an ongoing cooperation that marked the turning point in the Customer’s business model, switched from desktop applications to pay-as-you-go SaaS.

Based on this partnership, which secured ScienceSoft’s competency in Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure and .NET, the Customer went on to collaborate with our Dynamics CRM consultants on requirement-specific platform customization.


In the course of the project, ScienceSoft’s CRM consulting team employed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to deliver a customized cloud-based CRM solution for end-to-end sales optimization. The system enabled all-round management of new and existing subscribers through:

  • import of contacts from MS Excel
  • in-built email marketing tools
  • sales automation
  • sales force notifications, e.g. subscription expiration
  • assignment of discounts specified for each of the available membership levels
  • subscription-related alerts to customers
  • analytics and report generation

As a professional solution fully compatible with the Customer’s core product, this B2B CRM system was integrated with the company’s website and call center – two major channels of customer support via live chat, email and phone.


The customized CRM system embraced all the requirements specific to Big Red Book’s business, thus enabling a more productive management of its subscriber base, which by the start of the project had reached 35,000 SMEs across the UK and Ireland.

Strategic to the Customer’s business, the solution also provides more opportunities for sustainable growth by introducing subscriber insights across communication channels (telephone, email, live chat, social media, etc.) and optimizing sales activities.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, .NET C#, Microsoft Azure

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