SharePoint Online Intranet Development for a US Chain of Pet Hospitals

SharePoint Online Intranet Development for a US Chain of Pet Hospitals

SharePoint, .NET, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS)


The Customer is a US chain of pet hospitals providing various veterinary services, including critical care, pain management, cardiology, neurology, and pet rehabilitation.


The Customer wanted to introduce a corporate intranet with a balanced ratio of business and social features for it to be engaging and increase employee performance and collaboration. They also needed to integrate the intranet with an in-house learning platform to facilitate tracking employee progress in training courses. The Customer believed that the SharePoint platform would help meet all these business needs, so they looked for experienced SharePoint intranet developers to carry out the project.


ScienceSoft’s team implemented a SharePoint Online intranet in line with the Customer’s needs. The intranet offers the following features:

Quick links to tools and resources

To support employee working activities, ScienceSoft’s team implemented a web part with quick links to the most important tools like CRM, human capital management software, and capital expenditure software and a web part with quick links to key resources like document templates and archived documents.

Real-time collaboration and eLearning integration

To facilitate employee collaboration, ScienceSoft’s team integrated SharePoint Online with Office 365 to implement document co-authoring. Also, our team integrated the intranet with the company’s in-house learning platform so that employees’ statuses in training courses (e.g., Registered, Completed, Failed) were displayed on their intranet profile pages.


The intranet search was employed for users to quickly and easily find information within a document library, a site, a site collection, and a tenant. The intranet provided search of employees (by name, region, hospital, or department) and content (by a file name, content type, date of uploading, etc.), including archived documents (by keywords and metadata). To make search more convenient, our team divided search results by categories. To ensure data security, the team enabled showing search results based on user permissions.

Social features

To make the intranet more engaging, ScienceSoft’s team introduced web parts with company and industry news, discounts, quick links to the company’s accounts on social media, a company calendar showing corporate events.

To strengthen the corporate spirit, our team implemented a media gallery where employees could place photos and videos related to corporate life. The gallery allows embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Microsoft Stream.

To help the Customer increase employees’ motivation, ScienceSoft’s team implemented a recognition system. Employees could create five types of kudos (Creative, Leadership, Problem Solver, Team Player, Thank You) and send them to colleagues, thus recognizing their achievements.

Mobile version

To enable the Customer’s employees to search for information, manage personal data, and view calendars and documents on the go, ScienceSoft’s team implemented the intranet’s mobile version along with a desktop version.


The Customer obtained an easy-to-use and engaging intranet. The intranet helps streamline daily employee activities, improve collaboration, facilitate monitoring employee training and development, as well as increase employee motivation and engagement. The employees can access useful tools right from the intranet in a click, easily create and edit documents, quickly find a colleague or information, recognize other employees’ achievements, track company news and events, share various informal media content, and more.

Technologies and Tools

SharePoint Online, SPFx, TypeScript, React, Redux, .NET Core 2.0, CSS, JavaScript.

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