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Development of an Ecommerce Website Prototype

Development of an Ecommerce Website Prototype



The Customer is a German IT company that offers solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server, including those for logistics and trade.


The Customer needed to create an ASP.NET-based prototype of an e-commerce website. Due to a lack of internal resources for timely delivery of the website’s demo version to the end customer, they contacted ScienceSoft, a custom software development vendor.


The prototype application was developed based on functional requirements, the REST ASP.NET WebAPI and its documented description, as well as CSS & HTML templates provided by the Customer. Our development team deployed the solution in Azure App Service, so, in addition to daily reports on the development progress, the Customer was able to try the prototype performance anytime in the cloud.

The prototype featured such functions as registering and logging-in to the website, creating and removing product items, accessing product item descriptions, accessing and uploading values of product stock amounts, as well as looking up a product status (such as ‘Not Uploaded’, ‘Uploaded’, ‘Uploaded-but-not-approved, ‘Changed’, etc.).


ScienceSoft provided the deliverable in due time. Beyond the initial requirements, the project team also performed server-side data validation, implemented the procedure of handling user errors of different types resulting in displaying appropriate error pages. The Customer’s overall feedback is positive.

Technologies and Tools

C#, ASP.NET Core MVC, Git VCS, Visual Studio 2015.

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